THE NONPROFIT BANKER website expresses my own personal views.  It is in no way connected to nor does it represent the opinions of my past and/or present employers.

While THE NONPROFIT BANKER may contain banking information, its purpose it not to provide banking advice.  My blog is intended to shed light, provide insight, and offer guidance.  In short, pass along some of my experiences and those of other charities in the hope that others can learn from them.

As charity-regulations are subject to change, it is possible that some of the information contained in THE NONPROFIT BANKER might not be up-to-date.  For precise and current information, please contact the relevant governmental agencies and/or certified experts. 

Furthermore, THE NONPROFIT BANKER site should by no means replace the professional advice of licensed laywers, accountants, and/or investment advisors.  And of course, research everything that I am saying with your own bank as every financial institution is unique.

Please email me should anything about this disclaimer be unclear.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


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