Charity Ulpan: Defining Israeli Terms

Defining an Amutah [Charitable Organization]

"Harry" by Thomas HawkThe Hebrew word amutah, referring to a charity in Israel, is used both correctly and incorrectly to describe just about any nonprofit organization registered in the country.  But wait, it get’s more confusing.  Not all charities are charities, sometimes they’re companies.  And sometimes a charity isn’t tax-exempt while a company might be.

Confused?  Don’t worry.  In this post I’ll cover the various terms and statuses available to Israeli charities — along with links to government websites — that will help you find the answer to the bottom-line question burning in your mind: Is this organization worthy of my donation?  Read more…

Defining a Chevrah Letoe’let Hatzibur [Public Benefit Company]

"Pumping It Out" by Wolfgang Schlegl“What do you mean that Israeli charities can be registered as companies?”

That was the question someone asked me last year that that had me thinking to myself, yet again, that Israeli charity legal/tax structure is a language onto itself and should require its own Ulpan.

Towards this end, I hope to clarify in this post the somewhat contradictory concept of a Chevrah LeTo’elet Hatzibur [Public Benefit Company].  Read more…

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