The Weekly Balance Sheet: August 2

A list of the great articles I’ve read and posted to Twitter from July 26 – August 1, 2010.  This weeks topics include: Governance & Strategy; Fundraising; Social Media & Internet; Israel Economics & Finance; and Personal Finance.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


Governance & Strategy

“Nonprofits Get Picked On (& Deserve Some of It)”
Author: Adrienne Gonzalez
Site: Going Concern
Comments: Thought-provoking post on nonprofit organization executive salaries. Can’t say I agree with all of it. Thoughts?


  • International Charity: MANDATORY Compliance with the I.R.S.’ VOLUNTARY Best Practices” by Shuey Fogel. The IRS released guidelines to charities operating internationally. Even though the document isn’t required, it contains some very good advice. Link:
  • “Tax Tips: Small Tax Exempt Orgs Revised Deadline – July 2010″ [VIDEO] Important news: IRS extends deadline for small nonprofits to file their 990-N to Oct 15!  Link: (via @NAFund @SmartNonprofits)
  • “Legalities of Nonprofit Internships” Are you breaking the law? Link: (via @GTak)
  • “New Media Conference: One-Man Effort Outpaces Organized Jewish Community” by Tamar Snyder. One man dissatisfied with Jewish nonprofits attendance at technology conferences, creates his own. Link: (via @reuw @addthis)
  • “2010 Amendments to Delaware General Corporation Law” FYI as Delaware is great for registering a corporation (nonprofit entity too).  I’m not the only one that didn’t see any big changes. Link: (via @GTak @jefftrexler)
  • “Economic Recovery in the United States has Indeed Slowed” Nonprofit organizations should prepare to bunker down — things aren’t returning to their previous state so quickly. Link:
  • “Pay for Professional Fund-Raising Companies Eyed by IRS” The IRS is using the new 990 to gather information about Nonprofit-CEO salaries & fundraiser compensation. Link: (via @eJPhil)


“Excel is Not a Donor Management System!”
Author: Tal Frankfurt
Site: Cloud for Good
Comments: Good, short post on importance of a proper database


  • “Do Fundraisers Ignore Middle-Class Donors?” on Chronicle of Philanthropy. One donor offers some candid advice. Link:
  • “Compensating Fundraisers: A Dilemma for the Non-Profit Organization and the Fundraiser” on eJewish Philanthropy. The conundrum of compensating fundraisers based on percentages. Link:

Social Media & Internet

“Facebook’s New ‘Like’ Button Features”
Author: Tal Frankfurt
Site: Wild Apricot
Comments: Facebook adds 3 important features to ‘Like’ button to increase connectivity & improve analytics.


  • “Nonprofits Ahead of the Curve Using Social Media” Is it too late to respond to Seth Godin’s “Non” post? Link:
  • “Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations” 40 great practices, habits and guidelines. Link: (via @nonprofitorgs)
  • “5 Most Popular Twitter Directories That Will Grow Your Personal Brand” Link: (via @jacobshare)

Israel Economics & Finance

“Bank of Israel Startles Markets with Interest Rate Hike”
Author: Moti Bassuk
Site: Haaretz
Comments: 4 reasons why Bank of Israel raised interest rates (& surprised many economists). BTW the dollar fell vs. the shekel as a result.


  • “Winners and Losers from Economic Concentration” 5 consumer products that are more expensive in Israel due to lack of competition in the market. Link:
  • “If There’s No Real Estate Bubble, What is Going On?” Why are real estate prices so high?
  • “60% of Amutot Lost a Third of Their Funding” (HEBREW) 57% of Israeli Nonprofits reported a 30% drop in revenue in 2009. 11% on the verge of closing. Link: (via @zavit3)
  • “Rate hike for August to raise mortgage cost by average NIS 400 this year” Link:
  • “Treasury bill would bring competition to credit card sector” Bill to bring competition 2 credit card sector, lowering costs 2 businesses not consumers. Link: #Israel

Personal Finance

"Harry" by Thomas Hawk“Raised in the Shadow of Frugality”
Author: Arlene Geller
Via: @mominisrael & @addthis
Comments: A woman blogs about her mom’s frugal nature (we can all relate).


  • “Extreme Frugality: Twenty Memories of My Mother” Hannah Katsman (aka @mominisrael) shares money saving tips learned from her mom. Link:
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