The Weekly Balance Sheet: July 25

A list of the great article I’ve read and posted to Twitter from July 19 – July 25, 2010.  This week’s categories include: Strategy & Governance; Social Media, Internet & Fundraising; Economy & Finance; and Jewish & Israel (Nonprofit) News.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


Strategy & Governance

“Help Wanted: (Nonprofit) Board Chairs”
Author: Alice Korngold
Site: Fast Company
Via: Debra Beck (@npmaven)
Comments: Why a great nonprofit board chair is so important. A great comprehensive post.


Social Media, Internet & Fundraising

“Online Fundraising Best Practices”
Author: Allyson Kapin
Site: Frogloop
Via: Lori Jacobwith (@LJacobwith)
Comments: 7 Online Fundraising Strategies that can be implemented right now.


Economy & Finance

“No Fed Plans to Give More Support, Bernanke Says”
Author: Sewell Chan
Site: New York Times
Comments: Grim news for future donations: Unemployment expected to remain high (above 7%) thru 2012.


  • “Credit Score Is the Tyrant in Lending” In the USA, a Credit Score is too powerful & somtimes inaccurate. Link:
  • “Federal Report Faults Banks on Huge Bonuses” $1.58 billion in bankers’ bonuses were unmerited & “ill-advised” but US Gov can’t reclaim the money. Link:
  • “Britain Plans to Decentralize Health Care” Another casualty of the economic crisis. But maybe for the best. Link:
  • “Strong Data From Britain and Germany Raise Hopes” At last, some good news from Europe as Britian & Germany report surprisingly optimistic economic data. Link:

Jewish & Israeli (Nonprofit) News

“Financial Resource Development for Israeli Organizations”
Author: Stephen G. Donshik
Site: eJewish Philanthropy
Comments: Great analysis for Israeli Charities: Hiring a Professional Fundraiser or Outsourcing to a Professional Firm.


  • “Can Day Schools Survive” by Tamar Snyder in the Jewish Week.  Funding & Focus is shifting from Jewish Day Schools to Informal Jewish Education. Link:
  • “Bank Hapoalim to pay customers: The plan will cost the bank tens of millions of shekels” An example of a bank trying to make up for poor customer service by throwing money at their customers (I’m still closing my account). Link: (via @Israel_News)
  • “Collecting a bounced check takes 1,600 days…And alimony can take 11 years to get” Interesting insight into beurocracy and finance laws in Israel. Link:
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