The Weekly Balance Sheet: June 28

A list of the great articles that I’ve read from June 21 – June 26, 2010. This week’s categories include: Governance & Strategy; Social Media, Internet & Fundraising; and Jewish/Israeli (Nonprofit) News.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


Governance & Strategy

“Trouble with a Board Member?”
Barbara Talisman (@BTalisman)
Site: Talisman Thinking Out Loud
Via: Debra Beck (@npmaven)
Comments: 3 ways to constructively solve tricky situations with tricky board members.


  • “Org Tips for Network Builders” by Allison Fine.  Great tips how to break down barriers to create a cohesive, networked nonprofit. Link: (via @jdeancoffey)

Social Media, Internet & Fundraising

“Faith in a Changing Economic Environment”
Richard Joel and Daniel Forman
Site: The Fundermentalist on JTA
Comments: Y.U. President Richard Joel and Y.U. Main Fundraiser Daniel Forman speak about fundraising challenges, working smarter & keeping the faith.


  • “Donors Give for ‘Personal’ Reasons, Says Report” When fundaising, remember that donors give for personal reasons, not based on objective needs. Link: (via @LJacobwith @advsol @ThirdSector)
  • “A Twitter Idea Worth Trying” Fundraising ideas, just in time for the summer & holidays. Link:
  • “Why Your Fundraisers Are Your Biggest Competitors” Are social media & free mass-marketing turning fundraisers into an org’s competitor? (on @eJPhil
  • “Direct Mail as a Defender of Customer Loyalty” by @TheDMailMan. Great tips all can use. Link: (via @askdebra)
  • “The Complete Facebook Guide for Nonprofits (eBook)” by John Haydons. 104 pages, five chapters, video tutorials and case studies. Link:
  • “Creating Something From Nothing: Harnessing Facebok to Attract Fans To New Brands” by Debra Askanase. Great tips for an organization/brand on how to build a Facebook presence. Link:
  • “Take a Second Look at Google Wave” Wild Apricot declares that Google Wave is “Better and Open to Everyone” (incl. links & videos) Link:

Jewish & Israeli (Nonprofit) News

“The Real Reason Israelis Don’t Donate”
Shuey Fogel
Site: The Nonprofit Banker
Comments: When pointing the finger, don’t just look at the Government (although they could do more to help).


  • “Rasham Ha’amutot Acknowledges Filing Nihul Takin Online is Complex & Offers PDF Download” (Hebrew) Link: (HT @zavit3)
  • At Caesaria Conference, Researchers Talk of Lack of Israeli Philanthropy, Gov’ to Blame” (Hebrew) Link: (via @zavit3)
  • “The End of Store Credits?” Customers to get money back in cash, if new regulations approved. Link:
  • “Proposed Law Forcing NGOs to Reveal Foreign Donations is Against International Law” (Hebrew) Is this law an invasion of privacy? Does it equate Israel to other countries where government investigates unchecked? Link: (via @zavit3)
  • “Israel to Fund High-School Program” Israeli Government and Jewish Agency launch major effort to extend funding to youths that want to come to study in Israel. Link: (via @religion_state)

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