Weekly Roundup: November 7

A collection of links to the great articles on the nonprofit sector that I’ve read between October 26 – November 7, 2010. This weeks topics include:  International Philanthropy  •  US Tax & Law  •  Strategy & Governance  •  Marketing & Fundraising  •  Social Media & Internet  •  Jewish/Israel Nonprofit & Finance  •  Skills & Personal Development.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


International Philanthropy

  • NonProfitBanker: Relying on donations from abroad? New post: “3 Danger that Money-Changers Pose to Charities” http://ow.ly/2ZQzW
  • LJacobwith: Comprehensive overview of Philanthropy in China http://ow.ly/2Zjbc // Impresive

US Tax & Law

  • HUGE! IRS releases revised “Rules & Procedures” to obtain tax-exempt status http://ow.ly/1rlEnL via Nonprofitlawyer
  • NonProfitBanker: IRS highlights what’s new & dif in the revised “Rules & Procedures” to obtain tax-exempt status: http://ow.ly/32rWU
  • PACs & 501(c)4 charities are turning nonprofits into the new money laundry http://ow.ly/1rj66y via Npquarterly
  • Npquarterly: What’s at stake in yesterday’s US elections? Nothing short of nonprofit oversighthttp://ow.ly/1rnCdW
  • PatrickSternal: Gov, church at odds as NY cities want to tax vacant churcheshttp://ow.ly/1roe3y // logic could apply to synagogues too
  • DonKramer: Can a US nonprofit solicit donations b4 it receives a recognition of exemption? http://ow.ly/1rodVF
  • DebtCreditHelp: 5 Things You Need to Know About US Credit Scores (on WiseBread) http://ow.ly/1rqNEO

Strategy & Governance

  • Recession Changing Corporate Philanthropy: Less cash, more goods/volunteering http://ow.ly/2ZSRE via TonyMartignetti
  • Part business & part social venture, hybrid model 4 nonprofits is proving problematic http://ow.ly/1rkZcR via eJPhil
  • Advice on how board members can avoid losing track of time http://ow.ly/328za via Philanthropy
  • Philanthropy: Advice on setting prices for nonprofit serviceshttp://ht.ly/31GoI // Interesting analysis
  • Transforming Nonprofit Business Models – check out link in 2nd section for 3 pg resource http://ow.ly/ via NAFund
  • GailPerrync & Rjleaman: Is Your Nonprofit Losing Members? Maybe It’s Not You http://ow.ly/1roi4Z
  • Npquarterly: Recession encourages nonprofits to merge http://ow.ly/1rodp4
  • Npquarterly: More reports of nonprofits suspending activities or closing http://ow.ly/1rqLP1 // $$ issues can be avoided for only so long

Marketing & Fundraising

  • JoeWaters: “Double Tap” & other lessons for fighting zombies & marketing causes http://ow.ly/1riYt4 // Loved it!
  • Philanthropy: Heavy-Handed Fundraising Tactics Alienate Some College Students http://ow.ly/1rkYFJ
  • GailPerrync : 4 donor questions every appeal must answer. Excellent quick read from KatyaN4G http://ow.ly/33XZ9

Social Media & Internet

  • CitizenEffect & 3BLMedia: 3 ways any nonprofit can get more from social media http://ow.ly/1ri9sz by JohnHaydon // Great principles!
  • AugieRay: Want To Change Your Facebook Page Name? You May Soon Be Able To http://bit.ly/93p5Sg
  • NonProfitBanker: Without celebrities’ recommendations or a looming disaster, is text-giving worth the effort? (in NYTimes) http://ow.ly/1rmuS1
  • AskDebra: 4 easy steps to get your YouTube video found, by Margelit http://ow.ly/33sWr // Great concrete take-aways!

Jewish/Israel Nonprofit & Finance News

  • NonProfitBanker: Revealing intrview with Keren Hayesod [United Israel Appeal] Chairwoman about organization’s goals & its relationship with the Jewish Agency http://ow.ly/1rmN0k
  • NonProfitBanker: Bank of Israel raises cost of mortgages to battle rising real estate prices http://ow.ly/2ZUwK
  • NonProfitBanker: Israeli NPO acquires land to offer affordable housing. Interesting synthesis of public & private http://ow.ly/1rhoqO
  • eJPhil: Jewish Donors Focus More on Basic Necessities http://ow.ly/1rl6vN // interesting, let’s see how it can be applied
  • NonProfitBanker: The 2010 Forward 50: Jews who made significant impact on Jewish story in a Jewish way http://ow.ly/1rl0I2 via eJPhil

Skills & Personal Development

  • ImpactMax: Great advice 4 speakers – What I Learned About Unpresenting from Heathr, by Kanter. http://ow.ly/2VwAE
  • WildApricot offers tips & links 2 help small NPOs mange the many hats they wear http://ow.ly/2ZG8b via JohnHaydon
  • Kivilm shares Favorite Tools for Keeping Track of Everything http://ow.ly/33sKl via CauseWire
  • SavvyGrants: 6 Ways for Young NPO Employees to Become Next Gen Leaders, by @joannefritz http://ow.ly/2WI9a // Nice!
  • KatyaN4G: Good advice for those who do too much – Pay Yourself 1st http://ow.ly/1rnGq8 // It’s not just about money!

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