The Weekly Balance Sheet: October 17

A list of the great articles that I’ve read and posted to Twitter between October 4 – 17, 2010.  This week’s topics inlcude: Mark Zuckerberg & Philanthropy; Strategy & Governance; Social Media & Internet; Jewish & Israel (Nonprofit News); and Economy & Finance.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


Mark Zuckerberg & Philanthropy

MarkZuckerberg“On Social Impact and Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 Million ‘Investment”
Author: Rachel Bellow and Suzanne Muchin
Site: Philantopic
Via: @mattsinclair @pndblog
Comments: Is a BIG CHECK best way 2 create social impact? Red flags from the Facebook-founder’s mega pledge.


  • “5 Lessons for Mark Zuckerberg” And anyone else with a lot of money looking to truly make a difference. Link:
  • “The Meaning of Mark Zuckerberg’s Philanthropy” What Facebook’s Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s donation of $100 mil signifies on a broader picture. Link:

Strategy & Governance

"Length of My Toes" by cerasaragirl“5 Trends Shaping the Future of Social Good”
Author: Sara Kessler
Site: Mashable
Via: @fdncenter @NonprofitSRQ
Comments: Social good experts were asked about trends that will shape the way we use social media for positive change in the future. Here’s their answers.


  • “Not Just a Resume Booster: Tips for Evaluating a Nonprofit Before Joining the Board of Directors” Board applicants should not blindly accept a director position without some understanding of the organization and his or her responsibilities. Link: (via @GTak)
  • “The Leadership Lesson of Ants” Cute & very true. Link: (via @rabbigreen)
  • “IRS Releases Draft Version of the Form 990 for 2010″ Link: (via @Philanthropy)
  • “Charity Regulators Focus on Governance” 80-90% of nonprofits don’t consult w lawyers on regular basis (& other governance issues). Link: (via @GTak)

Social Media & Internet

"The Passage of Time" by tonivc“Why Has This taken So Long!?”
Author: Tom
Site: The Agitator
Via: @FundraisingNews
Comments: FINALLY! Study gives DETAILS of interplay btwn direct mail & online donations.


Jewish & Israel (Nonprofit) News

"Keyboard - Golden Key Success" by csitscenter“Success for Israeli NGOs in the States”
Author: Avrum D Lapin
Site: eJewish Philanthropy
Comments: In Fundraising: Partnership & Trust = Success for Israeli NGO’s in the U.S.


  • “Using Philanthropy to ‘Solve Problems’” Outgoing JFN Director Charendoff believes that Jewish organizations are “preserving a system as opposed to solving a range of problems.” Link:
  • “The Israeli middle class is shrinking – but only slightly.” The worst good news I have ever heard.
  • “Bank of Israel Plan Counters Real Estate Price Rise” Bank of Israel weighs EXTREME options 2 counter rising real estate prices. Did I mention extreme? Link:
  • “Brief History of the GA for Dummies” Very brief & truly 4 novices though enjoyed the questions raised. Link: (via @Jerusalem_Post)
  • “Great Website to Calculate Salaries in Israel” – incorporates tax, pension and other benefits

Economy & Finance

"Enjoy Capitalism" by jakecaptive“The Inevitabilities in Capitalism’s Collision with Social Responsibility”
Author: Linda Chang
Site: (@triplepundit)
Comments: Capitalism must embrace emerging trends of transparency & social good to survive.


  • “Public Jobs Drop Amid Slowdown in Private Hiring” Bad news in the US Job Market (which also means bad news for Nonprofits & expected donations). Link:
  • “More Countries Adopt China’s Tactics on Currency” Another battle for The Dollar: Countries intentionally devalueing currency for economic growth. Link:
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