Weekly Must-Read Links: January 17

A list of the essential articles that I posted to Twitter from January 10, 2010 – January 16, 2010.  This week’s categories: Crisis in Haiti; Internet, Social Media & Fundraising; Accounting, Economy, & Finance; Israel Economy & Finance; and Potpourri.

Tizku LeMitzvot [May you continue to merit doing good deeds],



Crisis in Haiti

Beware of scam charities popping up to “help” the rescue efforts in Haiti.http://ow.ly/Wnro via @Charitynav

RT @CharityNav: Tips, Tips And More Tips For Funding Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts.http://ow.ly/WusL // Good tips in general!


Internet, Social Media & Fundraising

5 Reasons You [Corporate Social Media Types] Should Leave Facebook and Join LinkedIn. http://ow.ly/VLhD via@shoshanak

Extremely practical how-to list for “Writing an Effective Plea for Support” by @FundScripCEO http://ow.ly/VLIj via @LJacobwith

RT @askdebra: 5 reasons to read Beth Kanter’s Blog http://ow.ly/VLUv #beth53 // She truly is a pioneer & fantastic resource

->@askdebra: How to react when strangers contact you on LinkedIn, making sure your connections count. http://ow.ly/VLWW

RT @davidcorman: RT @tamar: here are 80 things you can do on twitter as a small business owner: http://ow.ly/VJ0t


Accounting, Economy & Finance

Goldman Sachs weighs requiring executives to donate % of their salary to charity http://ow.ly/V0BC // Is forced charity still charity?

U.S. Bankers are fed up with British regulations & say that they just won’t take it anymore. http://ow.ly/V0Gm // With whom do you side?

Signs of a slowdown in recovery. Will be harder for Governments to wean economies off public money. http://ow.ly/V0Pr

Vital Accounting/Investment Principle: Cash flow is the true reality check NOT earnings.http://ow.ly/V0VF


Israel Economy & Finance

Another good sign of Israe’s economy: Israel’s debt grew only 3% despite global crisis. http://ow.ly/ULcD

Delaware, offering “world’s most efficient corporate law,” might be good option for Israel companies opening in USA.http://ow.ly/ULeh



59 sec video on 5 steps that enable a person or NPO to achieve a New Year’s Resolution http://ow.ly/WdQO via@johnhaydon

Importance of a philanthropic strategy as expressed by one Jewish community leaderhttp://ow.ly/VAw7 via @religion_state

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