Weekly Must-Read Links: January 3

A list of my favorite articles that I posted to Twitter from December 27, 2009 – January 2, 2010.  This week’s categories: Nonprofit Strategy; Internet & Social Media; Israel Economy & Finance;  Global Economy & Finance; and Potpourri.

Tizku LeMitzvot [May you continue to merit doing good deeds],



Nonprofit Strategy

For NPOs to truly colaborate, they need to overcome the barriers of time, trust, & turf. http://ow.ly/R0L5 via @CharityGiving

Creative isn’t enough, organizations must also be innovative. Are traditional NPOs up for the task? http://ow.ly/R2ei via @religion_state

10 Questions Every Board Should Ask in 2010 to Ensure Impact, by @AlisonRappinghttp://ow.ly/RcX6 via @npmaven


Internet & Social Media

The bible of Twitter fundamentals! RT@TEAMDJW: RT @HilzFuld Five Rules Businesses Must Follow To Succeed on Twitterhttp://is.gd/5CTSB

Nonprofits, listen up: RT @HilzFuld: No one cares if you favorited a Youtube video. Automatic tweets don’t work. via @galm (No link, just really good advice)

->@theCR: Measurement & metrics tracking is not a decision-making tool. It is a performance indicator. http://ow.ly/Q9vd via @askdebra

RT @HilzFuld: 13 Tutorials to Help You Grow Your Blog Readership Next Yearhttp://bit.ly/4BZKP1 via @ProBlogger@the_gman @ModelSupplies

->@socialcitizen: List of 5 great resources for Google Wave that can transform this fad into a practical tool. http://ow.ly/QqnJ


Israel Economy & Finance

->@eJPhil#Israel NPOs diversify funding, no longer rely only on donations from abroad http://ow.ly/Qol6 via @bethsteinberg @religion_state

Unemployment drops in #Israel : “Change in the trend in unemployment figures beginning in July.” http://ow.ly/Qodz

Report: #Israel bank fees are going down http://ow.ly/QGZO // As a banker, I’m surprised by the findings. Anyone else agree with me?

#Israel Tax Authority wants to encourage the public to save more for pensions. http://ow.ly/QH7J

RT @Israel_News: Globes: Israel’s economic growth in 2009 beats even optimistic forecasts. http://ow.ly/RkUY

# Israel Finance Minister cuts value tax by half percent to 16% in move to bloster economic growth. http://ow.ly/RlEX

Israelis should be forced to drive bumper cars // “Only” 346 traffic fatalies makes ’09 lowest in 40 yrs. http://ow.ly/RlZE via @Israel_News


Global Economy & Finance

Unbelievable. U.S. Banks “bet” against their clients & profited big time when financial crisis hit. http://ow.ly/Q4WL

Forecasting the next decade: Small returns in financial markets & a shrinking financial sector. Yay? http://ow.ly/R0BW

Are financial analysts spending too much staring at computer screens & not enough time out in the real world? http://ow.ly/QHeL



Can former nonprofit executives still work for the common good while simultaneously holding public office? http://ow.ly/RqXR

RT @TEAMDJW: RT @andressilvaa Forbes: Celebrities Can Be Bad For Brands http://tinyurl.com/yaucm6p

Holiday Fun via @bethsteinberg: Tips to help sensitive Christians make Jews comfortable during the Holiday Season. http://ow.ly/Qqzh

Charity is chic! Fashion models use their celeb power & cash to help nonprofits throughout the world. http://ow.ly/QGLJ

Children need to be bored, so I’m smashing the Wii: A mother’s fight to get her kids to use imagination. http://ow.ly/R0vs

Great site for the social or business entrepreurs out there. Resources, links, journals, you name it. http://ow.ly/RlNk via @RachelBergerNBN

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