Weekly Must-Reads: April 11

A list of the essential articles I posted to Twitter from March 14 – April 10, 2010.  This week’s topics include: Nonprofit Strategy & Governance; Social Media & Fundraising; Jewish Nonprofit World; Economy & Finance; and Potpourri.

Sorry for the sporadic posts.  The holidays and vacation are over —  it’s back to work.

Tizku Lemitzvot,

Shuey (@nonprofitbanker)


Nonprofit Strategy & Governance

New Blog Post: “How NOT to Loan Money to a Nonprofit” – the easiest way isn’t always the best way. http://ow.ly/1rWXQ

Story of how direct, interdisciplinary cooperation increased leverage & sustainability http://ow.ly/1q5L6Q via @eJPhil

->@askdebra: Can funders provide incentive 2 convince NPOs 2 collaborate more? http://ow.ly/1p1l8


Social Media & Fundraising

5 Principles of Social Media Fundraising, by@askdebra http://ow.ly/1jW5P — key issues of a proper strategy summarized beautifully!

A company that can’t answer yes to these 11 Crucial Questions shouldn’t be tweeting http://ow.ly/1jw1F via @guykawasaki

->@socialbrite: 7 Key Tips to Get Facebook Fans to Donate, by @johnhaydonhttp://ow.ly/1kWlI via @lblumenthal


Jewish Nonprofit World

4 challenges Jewish orgs face when recruiting the “next gen of young Jews”, by@fundermentalist http://ow.ly/1jSMg


Economy & Finance

Inflation in #Israel is expected be negative until mid-2010, suggesting refrain from increasing interest rates http://ow.ly/1kV1V

We think we know everything: How Men’s Overconfidence Hurts Them as Investors http://ow.ly/1jWpU (& we never ask for directions either)

Strength of Dollar & Pound in danger? Some Western countries at risk of credit ratings downgrade http://ow.ly/1mP5I



Blood, sweat & tears but very little risk — Mort Mandel’s (of the Mandel Foundation) secret to success http://ow.ly/1mSrM (by @rolnikguy)

Game Changer? Conan O’Brian sells out comedy tour after 2 tweets – no traditional advertising used http://ow.ly/1n5mK via @HilzFuld @pamdyer

10 uber-creative-outside-the-box resumes http://ow.ly/1n5F3 via @GuyKawasaki

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