Weekly Roundup: February 6

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between January 31 – February 6, 2010. This week’s topics include:  Governance & Strategy  •  Fundraising & Marketing  •  Social Media & Internet  •  Personal Development  

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Tizku Lemitzvot,


Governance & Strategy

  • GTak: Top 11 Hot Topics for Directors http://ow.ly/1s0vii (Deloitte) via Normanmarks - important for nonprofits too!
  • Lessons in oversight after nonprofit org suddenly shuts down, leaving large debt http://ow.ly/1s1nx7 via Npquarterly
  • Great food for thought: HildyGottlieb: What if nonprofit boards were about exploration, discovery, leadership, change? http://ow.ly/1s0CHw
  • SSIReview: Monopolies, high interest & abusive collection, rampant in microfinance http://ow.ly/1s0wov via Nonprofitlawyer & Adincmiller
  • Great analysis of the pros & cons! GTak: Private foundation or donor-advised fund? (in Nytimeshttp://ow.ly/1s0K45

Fundraising & Marketing

  • Lessons from Google’s (many) unsuccessful attempts at corporate philanthropy http://ow.ly/3PAaW via FundraisingNews
  • Great analysis of DOs & DON’Ts of Haiti-donation followup by nonprofit organizations http://ow.ly/1s0Wfj via FundraisingNews

Social Media & Internet

  • 9 Ways to Encourage People to Comment on your Blog http://ow.ly/1s0zbc via CharlieKalech
  • Nonprofitorgs: 10 e-Newsletter Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations: http://ow.ly/1s0BGB
  • Askdebra & AskAaronLee: Facebook Places vs Pages: What’s best 4 your nonprofit? by Johnhaydon http://ow.ly/1s0Jf4
  • Why outsourcing your social media efforts isn’t the answer, by NealSchaffer http://ow.ly/1s1lTj via Nonprofitlawyer & Socialcitizen
  • Johnhaydon: Becoming a Trust Agent w/ Chrisbrogan & InboundNow (see video or read transcript) http://ow.ly/1s1nAL

Personal Development

  • Ajlovesya: 3 nonprofit job websites that offer great resources for job seekers & employees http://ow.ly/3O8Mh
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