Weekly Roundup: January 3

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between December 27 – January 3, 2010. This week’s topics include: U.S. Regulations  •  Israel Nonprofits  •  Strategy & Governance  •  Marketing & Fundraising  •  Social Media & Internet

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Tizku Lemitzvot,



  • DonKramer: How does a nonprofit get proof of their 501(c)(3) filing/status? http://ow.ly/1rYKZ0
  • Wow!  USA charities are required 2 provide those that ask w IRS docs. This & more on CharityLawyer http://ow.ly/1rYY5L
  • GTak: Top 10 events of 2010 affecting the US Nonprofit Sector, by NonprofitLawyer http://ow.ly/1rZ8Uj
  • A growing phenomenon - IndSector: Strapped Cities Hit Nonprofits with Fees (on WSJhttp://ow.ly/1rYRbu
  • GTak: Letters to the NY Times regarding charitable deduction issue http://ow.ly/1rZ08q (Issue raised in this article by Nudgeblog http://ow.ly/1rYxGa)


  • NonProfitBanker: Israeli tour guide runs a dif. kind of trip, visiting charities instead of museums http://ow.ly/1rYLlF


  • TonyMartignetti & Tactphil: Awesome post by P2173 riffing on how a 10-yr-old can evaluate NPOs http://ow.ly/1rZ1QM
  • GTak: “Experts: Nonprofit mergers can be problematic” http://ow.ly/1rYUlx // good points to consider
  • Love the transparency - Mattsinclair: Ford Fdn posts summary of 2010 philosophyhttp://ow.ly/1rYLRv
  • CharityNav releases its Year-End Report, courtesy of Kenscommentary, its president http://ow.ly/1rYTRq
  • A nonprofit details why it decided to merge w another org http://ow.ly/1rYTDF via Socialcitizen
  • Galvanize board members with these “New Year’s Resolutions for Board Members” from GailPerrync http://ow.ly/3xrma


  • LJacobwith: For microphilanthropist, donations are a part of daily life http://ow.ly/3tsIx via Mcahalane
  • IndSector: 2010 Top 10 lists – Kanter picks her favorite nonprofit books http://ow.ly/1rYx4D
  • FundraisingNews: UK Snow drives 300% increase in charity e-cards http://ow.ly/1rYXCq // don’t forget good market research
  • FundraisingNews: 5 Components of a Well-Written Fundraising Letter http://ow.ly/1rZbXf


  • Nonprofit orgs and social media: “It’s About Impact NOT Influence” http://ow.ly/3vGbT on eJPhil
  • NonProfitBanker: Hesitant to start 2011? Rehash the past & be inspired – New post: Great Innovative Nonprofit Contests of 2010 http://ow.ly/1rZaVJ
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