Weekly Roundup: January 30

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between January 24 – January 30, 2010. This week’s topics include:  U.S. Regulations  •  Strategy & Governance  •  Social Media  •  Marketing & Fundraising

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Tizku Lemitzvot,


U.S. Regulations

  • The IRS provides its list of inflation-adjusted rates & exemptions (care of Charitylawyerhttp://ow.ly/1s08PU
  • DonKramer: Nonprofit has millions invested in project. If disbanded, what happens to the money? http://ow.ly/1s08QY
  • DonKramer: Are there published IRS standards for determining reasonable salaries for the principals of a #nonprofithttp://ow.ly/1s0sjp

Governance & Strategy

  • NonprofitBanker: New post: 6 Questions to Help Your Nonprofit Choose the Right Conduit Organization http://ow.ly/1s0hD0
  • Charitylawyer: Boards can’t just abandon failing nonprofit: http://ow.ly/1s0bjN
  • NAFund shares 4 on-target responsibilities of a Board Treasurer http://ow.ly/3KqcZ – read comments 5-8 for more great insights
  • RosettaThurmon tackles how nonproft orgs can evolve for the next generation http://t.co/lIJ4IhE via TonyMartignetti
  • Networks 101 >> Nptechblogs: How Networked Nonprofits Visualize Their Networks, by Kanter http://ow.ly/1s0how
  • Npquarterly: Nonprofits are bad 4 business? This city councilor needs a better understanding http://ow.ly/1s0izl
  • Market meltdown out & sustainability in. 5 trends by Aroncramer, on Fastcompany http://ow.ly/1s0s7Y via Alicekorngold & GTak

Social Media

  • FundraisingNews: LinkedIn Is a Conference, Twitter a Dinner Party, Facebook a Family Thanksgiving http://ow.ly/1s09aU

Marketing & Fundraising

  • Very thorough, step-by-step via LJacobwith SumacTweets: Developing a communications strategy http://ow.ly/3IxdF
  • FundraisingNews: Baby Boomers Are Turning 65: What Nonprofits Need to Do http://ow.ly/1s0fFl
  • New micro philanthropy site offers $1 donation to nonprofit that change daily http://ow.ly/3LaZ3 via Dan_Blakemore & Conorbyrne
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