Weekly Roundup: March 13

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between March 7 – 13, 2011.  This week’s topics include:  U.S. Regulations  •  Israel  •  Financial Statements & Communication  •  Strategy & Governance  •  Fundraising  •  Marketing  •  Social Media & Internet  •  Personal Development

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Tizku Lemitzvot,



DonKramer: May a #nonprofit return a gift it was given if the donor requests the money back? http://ow.ly/1s83pm

DonKramer: Who must be informed when a U.S. nonprofit changes its name? http://ow.ly/1s8T8x

Does your U.S. nonprofit produce revenue? GTak: Unrelated Business Income – IRS New Emphasis http://ow.ly/1s9SMv


Exciting with potentially far reaching benefits >> eJPhil: Israel Gov Set to Encourage Giving http://ow.ly/1s85ot


Ideas how to make the Foundation #990 a better communication tool http://ow.ly/1s8Tx3 via NAFund, Fdncenter & CauseWire

NAFund: How nonprofits can use #990 in org development, financial analysis, communications etc http://ow.ly/4bsE4

NonProfitBanker: The Changing Role of Money: slides from my presentation at the FONSI conference on Feb 28 @ Jaffa http://ow.ly/1s99PF


Food for thought from GuideStarUSA on pros & cons of (de)centralized nonprofit org http://ow.ly/1s8lOM

On the mark! Augieray & Strothkamp: The Secret To Loyal Financial Services Customers http://ow.ly/1s9RPK


eJPhil: 10 Commandments for Synagogue Fundraising http://ow.ly/1s8zNw // essential for ANY religious lay leader

HildyGottlieb: There’s Plenty of Money. So Start Some Good! http://ow.ly/1s87AF // philanthropy is changing & money is everywhere you look

Here’s a new one: set challenging fundraising goal & if you don’t hit it, give the money back http://ow.ly/1s9ZoP via NTENorg

Video: Observing trends in religious donations in the USA (on NPTimeshttp://ow.ly/1s9ZRm


Can social media marketing & traditional marketing coexist? No & knowing why is the most imp point http://ow.ly/1s8fWR

It’s all about the homework! eJPhil: Getting Your Nonprofit in the News, by ShoestringGroup http://ow.ly/1s830Z

One heck of a complete guide! >> The Basics of Nonprofit Online Marketing, by Joannefritz http://ow.ly/1s862E via FundraisingNews


Another trove of info from Joannefritz: Tips for Effective Nonprofit Emails http://ow.ly/1s8gVE via FundraisingNews

Johnhaydon: How to Hide Your Facebook Profile From Search Engines, by Ariherzog http://ow.ly/1bDSgL

Johnhaydon: 3 Facebook Status Ninja Moves That Work (by the Nonprofit Facebook Guyhttp://ow.ly/1bGxqT



With job cuts coming & pay freezes expected is nonprofit consultancy your next job?http://ow.ly/4aK5f via eJPhil




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