Weekly Roundup: May 1

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between April 11 – May 1, 2011.  This week’s topics include:  U.S. Tax Policy  •  Israeli Sector  •  Governance & Strategy  •  Fundraising & Marketing  •  Social Media & Internet  

As recent Holidays kept me away from the computer, this week’s Roundup spans a few weeks.  Sorry for the delay, but we’re back on track.

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Tizku Lemitzvot,



Food for thought >> Do taxes impact American philanthropy? (on eJPhilhttp://ow.ly/1svp8E

Will Changing the Tax-Deduction Discourage the Most-Generous Donors? (on Philanthropyhttp://ow.ly/4KLJ2 via eJPhil


NonProfitBanker: New post: “Israeli NGOs & Foreign-Government Funding: The Real Story & its Significance” http://ow.ly/4zkbp


Stephen Donshik: Why an active Board is a must for both the nonprofit org & the #volunteer-leadership http://ow.ly/1sxW4v via eJPhil

GTak & Nonprofitlawyer: Oversight & trust lessons learned from the recent 3 Cups of Tea Scandal (on Philanthropyhttp://ow.ly/1sItAm

How do we nurture good organizational culture through words & deeds? (on vppartners http://ow.ly/1stsUw

How the Fiesta Bowl scandal reminds boards of their fiduciary obligations http://ow.ly/1su7T4 via Nonprofitlawyer & Nonprofitatty

5 great, short tips on fostering innovation at your organization (from katyaN4Ghttp://ow.ly/4KLwd


An interesting piece hypothesizing why nonprofit orgs don’t focus more on donors http://ow.ly/1ssEiU

How to use research to help a nonprofit org choose the right words in its campaigns http://ow.ly/4AgMp via Kivilm


Facebook Engagement Practices: Recent Studies & Discussions, by Askdebra http://ow.ly/1svcMK

10 great tips how your nonprofit org can grow its community on Twitter, by RobinPNW (on Kanterhttp://ow.ly/1svfB2

5 simple ways to integrate social media into a nonprofit org’s website, by Nonprofitorgs http://ow.ly/4AcjQ

More work for nonprofit orgs in social media? You bet. “The New Minimum” by Askdebra http://ow.ly/1sICVl

Interesting.  A case study on harnessing the power of bloggers (by Johnhaydonhttp://ow.ly/4KFYs

What requires more attention, our wives or our Our Social Media Presence? (on Askdebrahttp://ow.ly/4KLEw



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