Shuey Fogel, The Nonprofit Banker

A nonprofit professional turned banking specialist for local and international organizations operating in Israel.  Currently, Director of Nonprofit Solutions at a bank in Israel.

Engineering Just Didn’t Do It

While getting my degree in engineering, I decided to become involved with the Jewish community on campus. It didn’t take me long to realize that my extra-curriculars were much more fulfilling that my degree. So much so that after graduating I went straight to work in the public sector for the City of New York.

From there I had the priviledge to work in other nonprofit organizations — in the United States, the Former Soviet Union, and Israel — in such amazing roles as a manager of a youth center in Minsk and as a project coordinator for one of Israel’s largest youth villages.

Life took a turn for the unexpected when a basketball game put me in touch with a banking executive that was looking to fill an opening in a department that services nonprofit organizations. For the following two and a half years, as an account manager to nonprofit clients I saw the blood, guts, and gore of how nonprofits operate financially.

Feeling that there was still more I could do to help my clients, I have since changed positions and employers, and am currently Director of Nonprofit Solutions at a bank in Israel that services local and international nonprofit operating in Israel. As such, I am responsible for developing the products, services and added value that my bank offers its nonprofit clientele, current and potential customers alike. (For more about my professional interests, please see my LinkedIn profile.)

Work Hard, Play Hard

When not working with, reading about, or writing on the nonprofit sector, I enjoy hanging out with my family — a wonderful wife and three daughters. What time I have left is reserved for studying guitar. While my dream is to perform in a cover band, my more immediate goal is to be able to tell people that I play the guitar, instead of telling them that I am learning the guitar. Yes, I know, baby steps.

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