Ideas on How to “Do Good”

These sites offer great ideas for the every-day on how to DO GOOD. Who would have thought it could be this easy?

Suggestions for similar sites to add to the list are welcome!  Please contact me here.


This nonprofit organization’s “A Kindness a Day” suggestions — which are tweeted daily — are applicable to all, easily applied, and come equipped with its relevant source in Jewish texts.

Living Philanthropic

One Chicago resident realized that he could change lives and inspire others to do the same — all for the price of his morning joe.  This blog catelogs his daily donations and ideas.


Launched by Mark Wilson (Gizmodo editor by day, philanthropist by night), the site takes the idea behind Groupon and crosses it with micro-donations, all while carefully selecting the deserving causes and vetting them for legitimacy. The goal is to offer a daily charity pick—six per week, with Saturday and Sunday sharing one—with a donation amount of just $1 per person for 24 hours until the next charity is featured.

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