FONSI: The Changing Role of Money

"Plush California Cotton Bathrobes" by Sunset Inn & Suites VancouverOn February 28th, 2011, I had the privilege and pleasure of presenting a 10 minute presentation entitled “The Changing Role of Money” at the FONSI (Future of Nonprofit Summit – Israel) Conference in Jaffa, Israel.

Don’t let the somewhat intangible and grandiose name fool you, the conference was  a bold attempt to provide concrete tips, tools and trends on marketing, branding, technology and social media for the nonprofit sector.

In my short session, I described how money is changing from an object of secondary importance into a measuring stick and marketing tool.  I then detailed how financials and budgets are now being  used proactively to make sure the right message is being conveyed about a nonprofit organization.

As I promised the attendees when I spoke, below is the PowerPoint presentation that accompanied my speech.  (The presentation has been upgraded to clarify some points and include links to the articles and tools that were cited.)

Attendees were also kind enough to tweet some highlights and I’ve included them here.

Slides and tweets not enough for you, the conference was also video taped!

In the coming days and weeks I hope to write a piece or two about some of the ideas I mentioned.

For those that attended the conference, I hope your enjoyed.  Please feel free to reach out to me about anything I spoke about.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


N.B.  I greatly enjoy sharing my experience and expertise and am available to speak — free of charge — to  organizations, conferences, board members, and donors.  More information is available here.


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