Israel’s Nihul Takin Manual Now Available in English!

"Welcome To England" by garethjmsaundersEnglish-Speaking nonprofit executives in Israel have reason to celebrate. As of this week, Israel’s Rasham Ha’amutot [Registrar of Charities] has uploaded to its website the manual of the Nihul Takin in English!

The importance of the Nihul Takin [The Certificate of Proper Management] as described in the manual’s introduction: “the Certification of Proper Management has turned into a precondition for Amutot who wish to enjoy the benefit of State support or to provide services to the State.”

Readers can expect to find in the manual “the main topics in relation to management of Amutot [Israeli Charities] as well as answers to the most prevalent questions on the subject of proper management.”  

(More information on the Nihul Takin can be found in a previous post, Defining an Israel Charity.)

The new translation will allow many more nonprofits and those that work in Israel’s nonprofit sector to be aware of their responsibilities. It is my hope that less Israeli nonprofits will get into trouble and more charities will glean concrete tips that can be used to govern themselves better.

A link to the English version can be found on the Registrar’s website here or can be directly downloaded from my site here.  The Hebrew version is also available from my site here.

Please note: The files here and links in this post are up-to-date as May 5, 2011.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


Photo Credit: “Welcome to England” by garethjmsaunders

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