Weekly Roundup: February 12

I’ve gotten emails from readers recently asking if my site has been on the fritz because they haven’t seen any recent Weekly Roundups. I’m happy to report that the sole reason I’ve been WAY out of touch is because on December 29th, my wife gave birth to our forth child, our first boy after three girls.  To put it mildly, my schedule is not my own.

Sorry for the tardiness, but I am officially back on track — so enjoy and keep the emails coming!

Here are links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter (yes, I’ve still been posting to Twitter) between December 12 – January 12, 2012.  This week’s topics include: U.S. Regulations • Jewish or Israel • Finance & Fiscal Health • Strategy & Governance • New Year Resolutions • Fundraising & Donor Strategy • Marketing & Branding • Corporate Culture • Social Media & Internet • Personal Development

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Has your nonprofit filed w/ the State where it fundraises? Basics from @TonyMartignetti tony.ma/u966NF

RT @GTak: The Rise of the Charitable For-Profit Entity ow.ly/1EaJMn // hoping these lead 2 shift in thinking in other countries too

RT @GTak: IRS new online search tool for nonprofits & donors 1.usa.gov/xLkh3J

RT @DonKramer: Can a house of worship rent their facilities? Would it affect nonprofit status? bit.ly/bT1XAJ

RT @DonKramer: Can the Executive Director of a nonprofit fire a board member 4 disagreeing? bit.ly/wBiw83


In interesting trend of Jewish donors & the challenge to Jewish nonprofit orgs ow.ly/1DYYmA on @eJPhil

@NonprofitBanker: New Post: Israel Nonprofit Orgs Can (Begrudgingly) Now Use Credit Cards ow.ly/8Xs3V Progress?


Packed PDF: Detecting & Preventing Fraud/Embezzlement in Your Nonprofit bit.ly/uVWgib by @VenableLLP via @Nonprofitslaw @GTak

RT @GTak: Beyond Financial Oversight: Expanding the Board’s Role in Pursuit of Sustainability ow.ly/1Cq1PN

RT @NAFund: Fiscal fitness is a great New Year’s resolution! ow.ly/8kEjj

8 key steps for Nonprofit Financial Leadership (thats right, didn’t say Management) ow.ly/1Ek0ZG via @NAFund

ABCs of Financial Oversight: Good review of the WHYs & HOWs of transparent reporting ow.ly/8ERmz on @eJPhil

What comes 1st, strategic planning 4 the future or financial sustainability 4 now? ow.ly/1FU9Qd on @eJPhil


RT @NAFund: A to Z Survival Guide for Uncertain Times via @fdncenter ow.ly/8228T

I hate learning lessons from disasters >> A Global Nonprofit Ponzi Scheme? Lessons from a Fiscal Sponsor’s Collapse ow.ly/91uk8

4 ingredients to keep your nonprofit connected to its mission statement ow.ly/1EdfiJ by @Cmcuesta via @npmaven

Tips from the trenches: Building a board & selling impact when launching a nonprofit ow.ly/8yIYr via @emilychan @FCNewYork

Uber comprehensive >> Legal & strategic look at having youth serve as board members ow.ly/1EEpuI by @emilychan 

Charities should trust themselves more & not jump on band wagon of “must-have” tools ow.ly/8EQs3 on @eJPhil

Using a Decision Matrix: the road to joyful decision-making, by @HildyGottlieb ow.ly/1F5Evf

42 pgs of thorough RT @emilychan: Strategic Volunteer Engagement – understand complexities & max advntgs @RGK_Center bit.ly/w8LaC6


RT @GTak: 5 [Optimistic] Nonprofit Trends to Watch in 2012, by @nedgington ow.ly/1C6Yxv

A potporri of new Year resolutions from various nonprofit personalities ow.ly/1DcTVw Compiled by @Philanthropy

Nonprofit Law Blog: Top 10 Events in ’11 ow.ly/8v3V3 from @emilychan @GTak via @FCAtlanta // like watching a movie in fastforward!


Proof that Donor Advised Funds aren’t just 4 evading taxes >> Fidelity Charitable has best yr ever ow.ly/1F3IWL via @dan_blakemore

RT @GailPerrync: How to throw an event/party that everyone wants to attend ow.ly/8tChp // Wow. I’m flying in for next year’s!

9 Ways Board Members Can Raise Money w/o Fundraising, by @nedgington ow.ly/1FaApQ via @NAFund

RT @GTak: Refining the Art of Giving: Donating to good causes has become a complex biz ow.ly/1BYuTI on @WSJ

Dif perspective, like Drucker RT @GTak: Branson: Screw Business As Usual & Make (Huge Piles Of) $$ By Doing Good ow.ly/1BHv9y

Excellent RT @p2173: Worth a read. The Trouble With Impact Investing – Part 1 on @SSIReview shar.es/fXTd4

R the giving priorities of wealthy Americans totally off? This author thinks so ow.ly/8GLRJ via @GuideStarUSA

Inspiring story of the ripple effect 1 charity can create (& the potential we all have) ow.ly/1Eft8s


RT @phyllismufson @JobHuntOrg: Personal (& org) branding using your email signature ow.ly/8tHkx

I’m on a reading binge of articles by @Sales_Source on marketing & selling yourself & your biz/org ow.ly/1ERvoV - something 4 every1

Oy! >> The Accidental Rebranding of Komen 4 the Cure, by @kivilm ow.ly/1FlIEH ht @eJPhil // When a gr8 nonprofit lacks a com strategy

RT @HildyGottlieb: Excellent RT @kevin_monroe: 6 questions your nonprofit board can use 2 avoid a Komen-like Crisis ow.ly/1FUCHf


Google+ intros pages >> RT @IndSector @dheyman: A primer on Google+ for nonprofit orgs bit.ly/y6Aidl

Dead-on! >> Creating a Social Media Strategy 4 Your Nonprofit: The Secret Sauce, by @askdebra ow.ly/91ozn on @eJPhil

The advantages to nonprofit orgs of using infographics ow.ly/8BSbe


Amen! RT @going_concern: 5 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Buy You an iPad tinyurl.com/8x2k8dt

RT @joannefritz: neg coverage of JPMorganChase’s “American Giving Awards” nyti.ms/uPNTAO // rare 4 public contests 2 actually do good

Gr8 takeaways >> RT @Mule_Kick: Blockbuster Misses a Golden Opportunity…Again bit.ly/sR4CBl

RT @kyleplacy: Taking Your Business Mobile: The Why & The How ow.ly/1G6meI

Powerful >> RT @augieray @mkrigsman: How Fuji survived & Kodak didn’t ow.ly/1Ek3QU (Danger of competing w/ marketing not products)


Volunteering – A Great Way To Learn Real Executive Leadership ow.ly/1CPbvb

Gr8 Advice: Why Most LinkedIn users Don’t Get Results, by @DanSchawbel ow.ly/8gya5

How modern tech has made “getting organized” less efficient ow.ly/1E6Dz1 on @HarvardBiz via @joannefritz

RT @AlisonRapping @phyllismufson: How 2 Be a Leader When You Don’t Have Authority ow.ly/1E9JDI by @workawesome

10 questions that lead to true success (spoiler: money isn’t the answer) ow.ly/1EPpZa via @GuyKawasaki

“Failure Week” at British high school to teach students resilience & benefits of risk ow.ly/1FGILv



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