Weekly Roundup: February 14

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between February 7 – 14, 2010. This week’s topics include:  Regulations & Government  •  Currency in Israel  •  Governance & Strategy  •  Fundraising & Marketing  •  Social Media & Internet

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Tizku Lemitzvot,



  • Pndblog: International Nonprofit Organizations Facing Increased Scrutiny in Haiti http://ow.ly/1s1AwH
  • VERY informative! US Gov shifting financial woes onto nonprofit orgs, Part 1 http://ow.ly/1s1Poi via Kenscommentary
  • JoanneFritz: What Is Considered a Faith-Based Nonprofit in the U.S.? http://ow.ly/1s1YQ2 via FundraisingNews
  • Charitylawyer: Charitable Solicitation Laws Pt 1: Commercial Co-Venture (aka Cause Marketing) http://ow.ly/1s2vif
  • NYTimes: Tax Cut Deal Could Benefit Charities http://ow.ly/1s2EVT (also a good review of different tax-saving gift options) via GTak


  • Haaretz: Bank of Israel launched its 3rd salvo against foreign-currency-exchange speculators http://ow.ly/1s1Ps0


  • Change.org documents its mission change via its new website & legal status as a B Corp http://ow.ly/1s2I2S
  • Johnhaydon: On WildApricot > Tips 4 Building Productive Relationships w/ Your Leader Partner http://ow.ly/1bfY8f
  • ArtsAppeal: Cutting admin staff is bad 4 arts (& all nonprofit) orgs in long run http://ow.ly/3QUCr via Nonprofit_Mo
  • Franswaa: SEO, Email & Social Media as part of a digital strategy http://ow.ly/1s1OtN // Great fundamentals & links!


  • HildyGottlieb: Why Board Members Don’t Want to Fundraise & What They CAN do Instead http://ow.ly/1s2CDP
  • FundraisingNews: Every fundraising appeal should be a learning experience, by KatyaN4G http://ow.ly/1s1AxP
  • FundraisingNews: Donors trimmed charitable giving in 2010 http://ow.ly/1s1ZUX
  • FundraisingNews: Study Finds Nonprofit Finances Looking Up http://ow.ly/1s2GKn
  • Kenneth Cole’s PR Mistake: Thinking of short-term gain w/out strategic context http://ow.ly/1s1YMq via CharlieKalech
  • Nptechblogs: Groupon’s Flop: When Cause Marketing Goes Horribly Wrong http://ow.ly/1s204A (via Causewired) // Worse than Kennith Cole?


  • Franswaa: How to Manage a Volunteer Led Blog that Rocks http://ow.ly/1s1YMV
  • Nptechblogs: On Blackbaud: Making Your Website Mobile Friendly http://ow.ly/1s1YO0 // Concrete tips & good links
  • Before you tweet, know why you’re doing it, by KatyaN4G http://ow.ly/1s2t9W via FundraisingNews
  • Let’s think outside the box for new ways to use 4square to donate, by Joewaters http://ow.ly/1s2tkJ via Johnhaydon
  • Johnhaydon: Nonprofit orgs & Facebook: Pages, not Profiles (on Socialbritehttp://ow.ly/1s2tCq via Nptechblogs: // short & to the point
  • GuerrillaNPO: 10 Social Media Strategies That Work for Nonprofits http://ow.ly/3TA0s // Excellent principles
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