Weekly Roundup: February 20

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between February 15 – 20, 2010.  This week’s topics include:  Regulations & Government  •  Israeli Sector  •  Strategy & Governance •  Fundraising & Marketing  •  Social Media & Internet 

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Tizku Lemitzvot,



  • Governmental “Crowding Out”: Why gov grants net much less than you would think, by Tactphil http://ow.ly/1s31MR
  • Friends Of & Supporting Charities aren’t just 4 int’l chairty. IRS takes aim http://ow.ly/1s39ZV via PatrickSternal
  • Philanthropy: Charities Face Stiff Challenges With New Federal Budget Plan http://ht.ly/3XxkS


  • Why not have friends locally too? Discover the benefits of an Israeli “Friends of” Org http://ow.ly/1s33HL on eJPhil


  • NonProfitBanker: “Beyond Right or Wrong: 3 Lessons for International Organizations from Magen David Adom” http://ow.ly/3YhqP
  • IndSector Triplepundit Does CSR Threaten the Nonprofit Sector? http://ow.ly/1s3ewl // psst, the answer is no


  • 6 Key Trends Transforming (Jewish) Philanthropy http://ow.ly/1s3Jka on eJPhil // applies to any type of philanthropy
  • Nptechblogs: on Mashable: 4 Ways to Do Good This Valentine’s Day (or any day, for the matter) http://ow.ly/1s2Rwm
  • What’s Integrated Marketing & how can it work nonprofit orgs? http://ow.ly/1s30VU via FundraisingNews
  • FundraisingNews: What’s in it 4 your donors? Pay attention! http://ow.ly/1s3aJT // an important checklist 
  • Npquarterly: British donor habits die hard – no change in 20 years, study http://ow.ly/1s3dIH
  • Challenge them! “Stop Giving Donors What You Think They Want” by DanPallotta http://ow.ly/1s3JiM via FundraisingNews
  • Study: The more a donor gives 2 a House Of Worship, the more he gives. Period. http://ow.ly/1s3JYh via PatrickSternal


  • GailPerryncPamelaGrow: How can a nonprofit build its email list? Tip sheet from smNP chat http://ow.ly/1s30Ud
  • Hadassah_Levy: 7+ Major Tips in Enhancing Your Upgraded Facebook Pagehttp://ow.ly/1s33LU via Jacobshare
  • You Can’t Fake It: Social media advice from the movie Swingers, by Nonprofit_Mo http://ow.ly/1s3dvK via JoppaThoughts
  • Kivilm & KatyaN4G: Good advice by DannyBrown regarding When to Defend Yourself & When to Walk Away http://ow.ly/1s3JR7
  • The AviChai Foundation offers great tips on creating a social media policy from their own experiences http://ow.ly/1s3JRi on eJPhil
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