Weekly Roundup: July 17

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between June 20 – July 17, 2011.  This week’s topics include:  United States  •  Jewish & Israeli Sector  •  International  •  Governance & Strategy  •  Fundraising & Marketing  •  Social Media & Internet

I’m making up for lost time, so bear with me — this one’s a doozy. With more to come tomorrow.

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Tizku Lemitzvot,



Stare of the Union address…for the USA Nonprofit Sector – by T. Cohen http://ow.ly/5n220 via Nonprofitatty & Nonprofitlawyer & Nonprofitdirect

Must a nonprofit disclose the names of anonymous donors? DonKramer answers http://ow.ly/1u0aEf via GTak

DonKramer: Are nonprofit orgs restricted in number of allowed fundraising events per year? http://ow.ly/1uzOAi

How does your House of Worship’s tax status affect donations it receives? fromDonKramer http://ow.ly/1uB0mt

You can never overstate the importance of getting proper receipts for your donations http://ow.ly/1u0cxQ via GTak

Legal & regulatory considerations when changing a mission statement, by EmilyChan http://ow.ly/1tZzms via FundraisingNews

Considerations, legalities & resources when naming a nonprofit org http://ow.ly/1tWhw3 by Joannefritz via FundraisingNews


Well said! >> The Challenge of Fundraising in Israel http://ow.ly/1tZzCj in eJPhil

End of an era for Israel nonprofit sector as Prof Eliezer Jaffe’s GivingWisely voluntarily closes http://ow.ly/1utNne

Interesting analysis & good questions >> Broken Business Models in Nonprofit Start-ups; Case Study: JDub (on eJPhilhttp://ow.ly/5EW92


Tremendous opportunities for growth or failure >> PatrickSternal: Scandal Underscores Chinese Distrust of Charities http://ow.ly/1uH42V

Charity gains official acceptance in Russia >> eJPhil: Dawn of a New Era for Russian Philanthropy http://ow.ly/1uHQga


Kanter ‘s takeaways from the Millennial Donor Summit “How To Put Fire in Your Organization’s Belly” http://ow.ly/1u1l8s

I’m a fan! Pndblog: “Michael J. Fox: Getting Results By Going the Unconventional Way” http://ow.ly/1uzNNj via CEP_CambSanFran

Does a recent survey of nonprofit executives draw the right conclusions? http://ow.ly/1uzOdt on CEP

Recharge those batteries! Npmaven: Only after a break can you have a breakthrough, by Johnsonwhitney http://t.co/E4aESar via Umairh

Open Letter from leaders of the Bronfman Foundation about its decision to spend-down http://t.co/jfR8ejb via eJPhil

EmilyChan: A key to performance measurement: Creating a Learning & Accountability Culture, by BridgespanGroup http://ow.ly/1tWdhV

Steven Donshik discusses Achieving Buy-In: The Key To A Committed Board http://ow.ly/5wpdd in eJPhil


Dabbling in fundraising won’t get you there – either do it fully or not at all http://ow.ly/1tYCWH via eJPhil

Nonprofitnate shares from Geoffliving 7 tips to create killer engaged fundraising campaign http://ow.ly/1u23gO

Local Businesses: Are you missing out on this important source of funding? http://ow.ly/1u6qKq by Stephen Donshik in eJPhil

Dan Pallotta in HBR: A Logo Is Not a Brand. A brand is how you’re perceived & is comprised of these: http://ow.ly/1ubtwk

How to convey your nonprofit org’s ROI when preparing a foundation grant application http://ow.ly/1uyZTw

7 tips to ensure that your brand listens to your “voice” (by JocelynHarmonhttp://ow.ly/1uvViv via Nptechblogs

NonProfitBanker: Slides & Take-aways from my pres “Raising Capital: Strategies to Help Your Biz Grow or Simply Survive”http://ow.ly/5DdD4


Franswaa: 39 Questions Your Nonprofit Can Answer with Facebook Insights http://ow.ly/1u09l6 // now do something with the data!

When developing a social media policy, Trust Is Cheaper Than Control (byKanterhttp://ow.ly/5lIIO via Johnhaydon

Online communication is changing, so I hope your nonprofit org’s strategy is changing too (by Bigduckhttp://ow.ly/5wrmh on eJPhil

CharlieKalech: iWalk: Toronto UJA makes great use of QR & Mobile Tech for fundraising http://ow.ly/1tWEqJ


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