Weekly Roundup: June 5

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between May 30 – June 5, 2011.  This week’s topics include:  U.S. Regulations  •  Op-Eds  •  Governance & Strategy  •  Donor Strategy  •  Fundraising & Marketing  •  Social Media & Internet

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Tizku Lemitzvot,



Would setting min % for programs protect against “fake” charities? http://t.co/4VvmY5A via Npquarterly // commendable but this isn’t the way


TonyMartignetti: Defending Philanthropy from Its Detractors - http://ow.ly/1tkKm2 via Addthis // & partnerships always increase impact

Don’t be fooled: USA nonprofit organizations aren’t the only ones receiving tax benefits http://ow.ly/5aphR via Npquarterly

COF_: The new Gatesfoundation headquarters reflects charity’s roots & reach http://ow.ly/50KSp // intresting, a method to madness


Npquarterly: Playing the market didn’t pan out so well 4 charities last year http://ow.ly/57BJQ // the real surprising stat is @ the end

HildyGottlieb: 6 Socially Conscious Actions that Only Look Like They Help http://ow.ly/1tnWVb // and sometimes actually make things worse

Great example that shows why it is important to set boundaries >> Npquarterly: Hard lessons for a museum founder http://ow.ly/57CEp


‘Tis the season >> FundraisingNews: Don’t Be an Ugly Philanthropist When Traveling This Summer http://ow.ly/1tocu9

3 easy steps to raising a philanthropist (in addition to drink milk & eat veggies) via Npquarterly http://ow.ly/5ai29


AlisonRapping: Do your online communications follow the Rule of 3rds? by Idealware http://ow.ly/1tvHfC via Nprdigitalsvcs

Nonprofitlawyer: Blackbaud study: direct mail is still king but role is changing (on FCAtlantahttp://ow.ly/1tv78D


Nptechblogs: Jocelyn Harmon: 5 Signs You’re Not Ready for Social Media http://ow.ly/1tn1On // I’m not sure about #1, anyone differs?

Askdebra: 6 easy steps to make a successful “list” blog post (good tips) from Mintblogger http://ow.ly/1tocxU

Johnhaydon: RT Mintblogger: How To Keep Your Blog Alive During Long Vacation http://ow.ly/1cWlu3 // great ideas even when not traveling

Procrastinating time is over >> Nptechblogs: Facebook Group or Page? Time to decide… now (on Socialsignalhttp://ow.ly/1tv3Rg















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