Weekly Roundup: November 6

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between October 10 – November 6, 2011.  This week’s topics include:  Regulations  •  Israel  •  Strategy  •  Impact & Innovation  •  Fundraising  •  Social Media & Internet  •  Entertainment

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Tizku Lemitzvot,



Especially relevant after this yr’s revocations RT @DonKramer: How 2 reinstate an inactive nonprofit ow.ly/1zf1Rz

Interesting take on taxes & their affect on how society interacts (by Kimberlytso) ow.ly/1zBaMs via HildyGottlieb & Alexandrapeters


NonProfitBanker: Increasing Demands on Israeli Charities, but is it Fair? ow.ly/7if2j


Very, very sound principles >> The New 10 Commandments of Strategy: Planning for our Uncertain World ow.ly/1yrnBR on eJPhil

A timely title >> God is in the Details: Planning & Implementing for Success, by Stephen Donshik ow.ly/1yrPPS on eJPhil

An oldy but especially relevant nowadays >> Charitylawyer: Collaboration Case Study – Failed Merger ow.ly/1z8o1s

Love the empirical evidence! RT KatyaN4G: 3 Leadership Skills That Count, by GreatbyChoice ow.ly/1z8mAY on HarvardBiz

Who would have thought: Leadership starts in the middle, not at the too ow.ly/1zeOEb on FastCompany

THE Question in Giving: Defining a Meaningful Gift (checkbook or S.O.B.) ow.ly/1zJqhM in Nytimes via eJPhil


NAFund: Yes! >> SmartNonprofits & NonprofitBooks: 3 things musts to address to sustain impact ow.ly/6Z6Q2

Cool, a double whammy >> NAFund & SmartNonprofits: Foundations use investments to achieve their missions ow.ly/7cbQI

Nicely put >> NAFund: & Smartgivers: What’s really needed for nonprofit innovation? by mjwera ow.ly/1yHA9J


Makes a great case >> Nonprofitorgs: 4 Reasons Why Nonprofit Orgs Should Follow More on Twitter ow.ly/1yumoF

It’s almost like we need a monthly update >> HildyGottlieb: A New Guide to Facebook Safety & Privacy ow.ly/1zuB1D

Compelling argument for doing a profile on GuideStarUSA >> Nptechblogs: How Do U Measure Nonprofit Impact ow.ly/1zTZRj via Convio


A cure for your fundraising crisis? Do you suffer from Scatterization? ow.ly/70AyN on HarvardBiz

Do you kill your #fundraising efforts by talking too much? By GailPerrync gailperry.com/2011/08/the-fu…

Don’t set yourself up for failure: 5 Lies to Stop Telling Donors, by Nedgington socialvelocity.net/2011/10/financ…

Incredibly Informative: How to find the right fundraising model for your nonprofit tow.ly/1zlADw on SSIReview

Chuck-full of gr8 tips >> GailPerrync: Killer fundraising strategy for 2012! My Best Practices 4 Monthly Giving Programs http://www.gailperry.com/2011/07/20-best-practices-for-monthly-giving-programs 

Put your money where your mouth is >> GailPerrync: This donor-centered appeal letter uses the word “you” 16 times. ow.ly/7iUXm


Philanthropy CAN be funny: Clinton Fdn “celebrity” video celebrates 10 yrs ow.ly/78vt7 via IShopForIsrael



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