Weekly Roundup: September 25

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between September 12– September 25, 2011.  This week’s topics include:  U.S. Regulations  •  Israel & Jewish  •  Accountability & Impact  •  Fundraising & Marketing  •  Social Media & Internet  •  Personal Development

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Tizku Lemitzvot,



Lesson learned the hard way: Nonprofit run business is not always exempt from state/local taxes ow.ly/1x0ntz via PatrickSternal


Report by EHL Consulting: Giving to Israel down 16%. How will your nonprofit cope? ow.ly/1wZCkE on eJPhil

Great analysis in haaretz of S&P’s decision to raise Israel’s credit rating & its implications ow.ly/1x20Qb

Just in time for the 2nd recession! >> 23 Jewish Nonprofit Orgs Lose their CharityNavigator 4 Star Rating http://ow.ly/6EfOZ via eJPhil


CEP_CambSanFran Study: Ever wonder how foundations judge effectiveness in their grantees? ow.ly/1wZPvy

GTak: Accountability in Social Enterprises (ie nonprofit org that sells product/service) ow.ly/1x54k6 // 22 pgs thorough

Do accountability measures undermine public confidence in nonprofit orgs? ow.ly/1xCBBD via Npquarterly

And none of these ideas cost $$! Ppanepento: 5 Ways Foundations Can Strengthen Nonprofit Boards http://ow.ly/6APdJ


NonProfitBanker: New Post: “Priorities When Deciding to Accept Donations Online” http://ow.ly/6yH3D

NAFund & GrantSpace: Mission-Related Investing: A Cautionary Tale ow.ly/1x57Uj via Pndblog // why risk charitable funds?

Is the word nonprofit no longer adequate to describe today’s sector? ow.ly/1x63t8 on eJPhil // skip to last 4 paragraphs

How to frame your fundraising ask 2 get the right respinses (+ mucho links), by GailPerrync http://ow.ly/6uWD6 via TonyMartignetti

Increase gifts by $200 per donor: 7 ways to a committed relationship with a donor, by KatyaN4G bit.ly/n6bJcW via SocialGoodToday

Definitly unique >> Sldoolittle: ‘He will melt your face w/ his philanthropy.’ Super fresh donor stewardship video! ow.ly/1xvvDN

Want to weaken nonprofit fundraising? >> 5 Online Donation Form Bad Practices, by Blackbaud ow.ly/1xCEAA via Npquarterly


Bite-size & easy to digest >> Kanter & Blackbaud: 20 Twittertips for Nonprofit Orgs, by Christuttle ow.ly/1x7Oku


6 Networking Coups to Win Jobs, by Asklizryan ow.ly/1x0c8s // and win clients too!


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