Rate My Nonprofit! Why Online Surveys Aren’t Worth the Click

The sheer number of sites that allow a viewer to rate nonprofits has my mouse trigger happy, my head spinning, and my brain questioning the openness of the internet.

I started this soul searching recently after speaking to a nonprofit founder/CEO about the current (and extended) GreatNonprofits: Jewish Choice Awards 2009 campaign. After the conversation I was left with questions that have led me to believe that these types on online contests are not the best to spread the word about the world’s great charities nor are these polls a fair judge. Allow me to elaborate:

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Article: Grantmaking in Tough Economy

I came across this article from Guidestar (reprinted from Actually, the full title is “Stories of Smart (and not-so-smart) Grantmaking in a Tough Economy.” This article is a great example of short and sweet. The author, a fundraising consultant with more than 20 years of experience, shares three stories from clients. The questions in each story are the kind of questions that nonprofits are asking every day; each with a different lesson.

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