Article: Grantmaking in Tough Economy

I came across this article from Guidestar (reprinted from  Actually, the full title is “Stories of Smart (and not-so-smart) Grantmaking in a Tough Economy.”  This article is a great example of short and sweet.  The author, a fundraising consultant with more than 20 years of experience, shares three stories from clients.  The questions in each story are the kind of questions that nonprofits are asking every day; each with a different lesson.

I repeat: short, easy reading with a nice moral.  So much so that writing about it anymore is defeating the purpose of this post.

Click here for the link to Guidestar article (I wanted to link the original article on OpportunityKnocks but couldn’t find it).

Click here for the archive of posts on the OpportunityKnocks site (quite a few that are handy).

Tizku LeMitzvot [May you continue to merit doing good deeds],


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