Weekly Roundup: November 21

A collection of links to the great articles on the nonprofit sector that I’ve read and posted to Twitter between November 15 – November 21, 2010. This weeks topics include:  U.S. Nonprofits  •  Israeli & Jewish Nonprofits  •  Strategy & Governance  •  Marketing & Fundraising  •  Social Media & Internet.

Tizku Lemitzvot,

Shuey (@nonprofitbanker)

U.S. Nonprofits

  • NonProfitLawyer: Deficit Commission Targets Charitable Deduction (on Philanthropyhttp://ow.ly/1ry2l7 // Good comments too
  • DonKramer: Is there a limit on % fee that telemarketers charge #nonprofit orgs on $$ raised? http://ow.ly/1ry2qk
  • Alltop_Nonprof: Obama Signs Order On Faith-Based Federal Funding 2 clarify Church-State issues http://ow.ly/1rAnAo
  • NonProfitBanker: Is your NPO susceptible 2 losing its Public Charity Status? Public Support Test, by CharityLawyer http://ow.ly/1ryLwb

Israeli & Jewish Nonprofits

  • NonProfitBanker: Mazal tov! 1 yr after changes to Israel law allow NPOs to merge, finally first 2 tie the knothttp://ow.ly/1rxIf0 (HEB)
  • NonProfitBanker: Israel Finance Min. lifts veil of secrecy on State support to nonprofit organizations http://ow.ly/1rAmyh HT Religion_State

Strategy & Governance

  • LJacobwith: Charity Navigator 2.0: A new world of nonprofit ratings is coming http://ow.ly/1ry24T via SVPMinnesota & TactPhil
  • NonProfitLawyer: Measuring charities risks shattering illusions public has of NGOs http://ow.ly/1rzx32 // Eyeopening!
  • JJPritchard: Are Nonprofit Annual Reports (in print) still relevant/effective? http://ow.ly/1rzvfp
  • NonProfitBanker: New post on NPB: “Guest Post: Lessons from Starting, then Closing, My Nonprofit within 4 Months” http://ow.ly/3bK4J
  • GTak: Celebrities hire philanthropy consultants to guide their giving http://ow.ly/1rzu8a // if only some reg donors could be as open

Marketing & Fundraising

Social Media & Internet

  • NonProfitBanker: Encourage direct action with a website suited for mobile phones http://ow.ly/1ryVTE via FundraisingNews
  • JohnHaydon & NPTech_Ash: A quick but helpful look @ Social Media Policy vs Guidelines (incl ex of 75 companies’ policy) http://ow.ly/3aECy
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