Weekly Must-Reads: April 26

A list of the essential articles that I posted to Twitter from April 11 – April 24, 2010.  This week’s topics include: Strategy & Governance; IRS Trends; Social Media & Fundraising; Jewish Nonprofits; Israel Economy & Finance; and Potpourri.

Man, does time fly by.  This list is for the last two weeks. When did last Sunday happen and why didn’t anyone tell me?

Tizku Lemitzvot,

Shuey (@nonprofitbanker)


Strategy & Governance

5 take-aways from The Networked Nonprofit session by @kantar@afine at #10NTC by@sokunthea http://ow.ly/1xiw3 via@johnhaydon

6 Reasons why starting a new nonprofit might not be the answer, by @sbsfundraisinghttp://ow.ly/1xCqo via @npmaven@zyOzyfounder

RT @PamelaGrow: Why board assessment is so important: http://ow.ly/1yM42 #nonprofit #fundraising

Komen & Kentucky: When Charity is Just a Marketing Stunt http://ow.ly/1BJCT via@koodooz

RT @johnhaydon: “Komen & KFC’s Cause Marketing Program Isn’t Finger Lickin’ Good”http://ow.ly/1BJTQ by @joewaters


IRS Trends

Abuse of Charities & Deductions included in 2010 IRS List, by @charitylawyer http://ow.ly/1xBUy // List hints to IRS pet peeves!

New blog post: Are “American Friends of” Organizations a Thing of the Past?http://ow.ly/1BOu8

I’m a believer! >> How Increased Government Intervention Undercuts American Philanthropyhttp://ow.ly/1yOJF


Social Media, Internet, & Fundraising

How & why to use social media to engage Foundations (& hopefully get more funding), by@askdebra http://ow.ly/1xLqR

3 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Fundraising, by @sandyrees http://ow.ly/1y2yO

Just listened 2 #afpmeet session review by@amandaharas on European fundraising trends http://ow.ly/1yAhJ via @BTalisman

How is social media impacting giving? Survey, overview & predictions on USA Todayhttp://ow.ly/1ylXC via @JGooderscom

RT @GuyKawasaki: 10 Ways for Small Businesses to Use LinkedIn http://om.ly/iFSl

RT @PaulDunay: 5 Ways B2B Companies Can Use New Twitter Ads http://ff.im/-j4B1a

RT @johnhaydon: Creating Online Marketing Strategy in 2 Hours, by @kivilm http://ow.ly/1yXi6 // awesome, story shows strategy as it unfolds

RT @GTak: Social Media and the Law -> For Professional Associations - http://is.gd/bBH85 (American Society of Association Executives)

RT @CharlieKalech: Facebook Changes – Like Anything, Anywhere – Social Sharing goes Mainstream! http://bit.ly/bWlyG0


Jewish Nonprofits

Will reforms to NY Jewish charities prevent future misuse or just paper over underlying problems? http://ow.ly/1x2yn

Jewish Funders’ Gathering: Economy is recovering but is it too late for some Jewish organizations? http://ow.ly/1zPVa

Israeli orgs don’t get it that their US counterparts need to be independent & accountable to the IRS. http://ow.ly/1zTiv

Interesting Case Study? >> RT @CharlieKalech: Campaign against@NewIsraelFund by Im Tirzu boosted donations to NIF http://ow.ly/1Bsv0


Israel Economy & Finance

Good overview of the 6 types of people active in day trading in #Israelhttp://ow.ly/1xmbp

Why are investments in #Israel real estate declining? Should you be thinking along the same lines? http://ow.ly/1xpC2

Nice overview of currency risk and options on@haaretzonline http://ow.ly/1A6qr

Bank of #Israel sees tycoons as danger 2 stability–Israel is 1 of most centralized Western countries http://ow.ly/1BCgV



RT @HilzFuld: Seinfeld Talks BlackBerry and iPhone with Conan O’Brien (VIDEO)http://bit.ly/bmbsTH

->@nytimes: Goldman Sachs could help British Finance Regulator prove its got teethhttp://ow.ly/1B51v

RT @avinashkaushik: Amazing photos of lightning in the ash column of Iceland’s troublesome volcano: http://zqi.me/9xbjG6

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