Weekly Roundup: December 11

Links to the articles I’ve reviewed and posted to Twitter between December 5 – December 11, 2011. This week’s topics include: Governance & Strategy • Transparency • Management & Corporate Culture • Funding & Fundraising • Marketing

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Tizku Lemitzvot,



3 challenges affecting small nonprofit organizations & 5 ways to mitigate them, by Npmaven ow.ly/1BE1oS via EmilyChan

Why taking over a nonprofit instead of opening new 1 doesn’t save time or $$, by Charitylawyer ow.ly/1BGWfy

Maybe there’s a reason people don’t play nice: 8 Dangers of Collaboration, by Nilofer ow.ly/7TjY9 in HarvardBiz via GTak

NAFund & ToscanoAdvisors: 10 Things Every Nonprofit Board Member Should Know ow.ly/1BQnsF

Oy vey! Lessons from a donation bequeathed to a nonprofit but under incorrect name ow.ly/1BE0uM on eJPhil

Programs pairing MBAs with nonprofit organizations give students opp as Board member @ younger age ow.ly/1BGqNs via LawForChange

Get some popcorn & a pencil >> NAFund: Watch our 15 min VID how to manage Restricted Funds ow.ly/7CXZZ


Opendata: Not because your donors want it but because the nonprofit sector needs it (by p2173) ow.ly/1BvZSf via tkb

An increasingly important topic >> GTak: Finding the Right Transparency, by Emilychan ow.ly/1BQvDl

Gr8 debate re: end-goals of transparency. Kanter summarizes recent articles & forums bit.ly/tEHRBN via GTak


Is a nonprofit about to go bust? BrokersWorld offers some ways to find out ow.ly/1BxolV on WSJ via GTak

5 ways to ensure your nonprofit gets that government funding ow.ly/7PBMx on BridgespanGroup

Making the case for donating to Overhead. A discussion with Tom Tierney of BridgespanGroup ow.ly/1BAbD1 on WSJ

Very sound advice >> ProGrantWriter: What new nonprofits need before hiring a grantwriter ow.ly/7pPX5


YNPNDetroit: VIDEO how to drastically improve your nonprofit’s mission statement ow.ly/7JZ5i via KatyaN4G


Awesome! >> 9 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money, by IlyaNeverSleeps ow.ly/1BxrOZ on IncMagazine

The Pen Is Mightier than the App: A Case For Writing Things Out, by Kevinpurdy ow.ly/7PX2M on FastCompany

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