Weekly Roundup: December 12

A collection of links to the great articles covering the nonprofit sector that I have reviewed and posted to Twitter between December 1 – December 12.  This week’s topics include: U.S. Tax & Law •  Israeli & Jewish Nonprofits  •  Strategy & Governance  •  Marketing & Fundraising  •  Potpourri.

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Tizku Lemitzvot,


U.S. Tax & Law

  • CharityNav: Liberal Deficit-Cutting Plan Proposes New Charitable Tax Credit http://ht.ly/3hxN7
  • Status update on potentially game changing L3C (U.S. registered low-profit co.) on CharityLawyer http://ow.ly/1rMmeZ
  • Debating turning a struggling NGO into a for-profit? DonKramer talks legality & raises good points http://ow.ly/1rMk2X
  • DonKramer: Is tuition payment to a nonprofit school tax deductible? http://ow.ly/1rSGQ3 >> very applicable for parents whose kids are studying in Israel post high school
  • Tough questions >> GTak: Highly unlikely now, but later…? PndBlog: Eliminating the Charitable Deduction http://ow.ly/1rP58X

Jewish & Israeli Nonprofits

  • NonProfitBanker: New post: “The Carmel Fire & Haiti: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel” http://ow.ly/3lzmP
  • NPQuarterly: Holiday shopping at the Mitzvah Mall in Anchorage. Merry Chanukah! http://ow.ly/1rThG3

Strategy & Governance

  • CharityLawyer touts virtues of testing waters through fiscal sponsor b4 starting a new NGO http://ow.ly/1rM1dw
  • ABACtrProBono: Top 10 Legal Risks 2 NGO Boards (BoardSource Forum summary by NonprofitLawyer) http://ow.ly/1rMl8G
  • NPQuarterly: Watchdog CharityNav adjusts nonprofit ratings system for recession http://ow.ly/3nUHX
  • Starting a nonprofit? Nice overview of relevant questions, challenges & strategyhttp://ow.ly/1rPl90 via GTak
  • NAFund attacks recent Nonprofits & Social Enterprise study. A must for those following recent articles http://ow.ly/1rQ5pn
  • Avoid “mission creep”: Dont chase the money; passionately pursue your missionhttp://ow.ly/1rSFlZ via CharityLawyer
  • FundraisingNews: A Checklist to Gauge the Strength of a Nonprofit Organizations http://ow.ly/1rSM8m

Fundraising & Marketing

  • Nonprofit_Mo: Great advantages to small nonprofits! KiviLM: 3 Fundraising Lessons from 365-Day Experiment http://ow.ly/1rUciP
  • AFPIHQ creates site FULL of tools and media to help donors with their giving http://ow.ly/1rXJzR via Dan_Blakemore KirstenBuloock
  • Nice! Create personal campaigns w/FirstGiving’s “Bring Back the Giving” http://ow.ly/1rXJsR via AskDebra & CoreWebInc
  • YeahService: 3 common PREVENTABLE grant proposal mistakes http://ow.ly/1vnFU >> Short & to the point!
  • BTalisman summarizes the GuideStarUSA Fall ’10 Nonprofit Fundraising Survey http://ow.ly/3j3M1
  • Nonprofits angry over Apple’s recent ban on donations through iPhone apps. Kanter starts a petition http://ow.ly/1rUhX6 via eJPhil
  • Unraveling the mystery of the biological drive that motivates the body to give http://ow.ly/1rPkoW via CharityNav


  • It hurts me to say, but life IS possible w/out big banks http://ow.ly/1rNsWs via Umairh HildyGottlieb >> trust & ingenuity go a long way
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