The Weekly Balance Sheet: October 4

My list of great articles from around the web that I’ve posted to Twitter between September 13 – October 3. This edition’s topics include: Strategy & Governance; Fundraising; Social Media & Internet; Jewish & Israeli (Nonprofit) News; and Economy & Finance.

As the string of Jewish Holidays that started with Rosh Hashana, The New Year, officially ended this past Thursday night I hope to return my posts to their regular weekly routine.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


Strategy & Governance

"Original Statue of Liberty Torch" by micronirav“12 Ways to Pass the Torch: Trusting a New Generation to Sustain the Social Justice Movement”
Author: Rosetta Thurman (@rosettathurman)
Via: @KooDooZ
Comments: Great strategies for passing the torch (bottom of the article mentions the list).


  • “Eight Months Later, Haiti Struggles as Never Before” Haiti: Different catastrophe, same problem. Money & attention flow in at first but then peter out. Link:
  • “Pepsi Refresh Project Racks Up More Votes than Last Presidential Election” on Mashable.  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Either way, definitely something to think about. And maybe even incorporate. Link: via (@nonprofitorgs)
  • “Donors Reserving The Right To Change Their Minds” How the recent recession is affecting bequests & trusts to charities – a decline in net giving? Link:
  • “Do Changes in Our Nonprofit Bylaws Have to Be Reported to the IRS?” A nice, simple FYI brought to you by Link: (via @FundraisingNews)
  • “Nonprofit Law Blog: September 17″ Great articles in this week’s newletter on Boards, Exec Pay, Corp Philanthropy, Nonprofit Status. Link:


"Hulda Crazy Scientist" by laufeyrut“Foundation Execs Testing Social Media Waters”
Author: Dan Brown
Site: eJewish Philanthropy (@eJPhil)
Comments: Recent study is released and available to download. Is this signaling a shift in traditional Foundation communication? I hope so.


  • “Arrangements btwn Charities & Fundraising Companies Scrutinized” Are donors mislead about the exact amounts left for use by the nonprofits. The questions remains: Is some money better than no money? Link:
  • “Charities Go Online for Holiday Giving” Nonprofit orgs will be using online tools to augment their holiday fundraising. Link:
  • “Generation Z – The New Philanthropists” Involving the next, next gen of donors age 12 & under (psst, they’re 18% of the population). Link: (via @KooDooZ)

Social Media & Internet

MashableLogo“29 Essential Social Media Resources”
Author: Zachary Sniderman
Site: Mashable
Via: @nptechblogs
Comments: Great links to articles that cover social good, social media, technology and business.


  • “Facebook CoFounder Is Building a Social Network for Non-Profits” Short video presentation by Chris Hughes at Mashable’s Social Good Summit 2010 where he decrbies his next big idea, Jumo. Link: (via @davidcorman & @CharlieKalech)
  • “5 Rules for Your About Page” by Seth Godin. Fundamental rules to follow when creating an “About” page for your website. Link: (via @askdebra)
  • “5 Rules for How to Make Things Go Viral” 1 minute clip from Jonah Peretti (@peretti), co-Founder of Huffington Post and CEO of BuzzFeed. Link: (via @techcrunch @franswaa@sue_anne)

Jewish & Israel (Nonprofit) News

"Flea market finds 19.6.09" by Jud Loves Pottery“Jewish Philanthropy Must Adapt to Changes”
Author: Gil Shefler
Via: Joel Katz (@religion_state)
Comments: Jeff Solomon shares predictions for the upcoming General Assembly in November.


  • “Charity Ulpan: Defining a Chevrah LeTo’elet Hatzibur [Public Benefit Company]“ by Shuey Fogel (@nonprofitbanker).  Explaining the somewhat contradictory concept of a Public Benefit Company – a legal entity unique to Israel. Link:
  • “Google Search and Jewish Charity” Report of terms searched on Google shows that Jewish Charity & Tzedakah are less popular than they used to be. Link:
  • “Investing in Israel For the Greater Good” Investing in Israel allows one to simultaniously invest sensibly & have a positive social impact. Link:
  • “Families skimped on clothes, shoes as housing costs leaped 12% in 2009Link:
  • “Bank of Israel Chief to Fight Poverty in the Haredi Sector” Great synthesis of Government & Private Sector — Stanley Fischer hosted debate on Haredim in the Workforce initiated by private Haredi magazine. Link:

Economy & Finance

"Empty Wallet" by Nohodamon“Clal Forex: Exchange Rate Could Head to NIS 3.50/$”
Author: Koby Yeshayahou
Site: Globes
Comments: Here we go again: The weaking of the dollar on a global scale in conjunction with the continued rising of the Bank of Israel interest rate could send the dollar back into the low zones.


  • “Fed Stands Pat and Says It Is Still Ready to Buy Debt” US Fed admits slow economic recovery could be undermined by low inflation & hinted at intervention. Link:
  • “America is Done and Dusted” A “doom & gloom” interview discussing the current state of American Economy. Prophecy or Unwarrented Pessimism? Link:
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