The Weekly Balance Sheet: September 13

A list of the great articles that I have read and posted to Twitter between August 30 – September 12, 2010.  This week’s topics include: strategy, Governance & Fundraising; Social Media & Internet; Jewish & Israel (Nonprofit) News; and Economy & Finance.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


Strategy, Governance & Fundraising

"In the Jodhpur Market" by Zé Eduardo...“4 Facts You Must Know If You’re Going to Sell Something” (Video)
Author: Bob Parsons (@drbobparsons)
Comments: Bob Parsons tells it to you straight. Underneath the zany effects and corny lines, is a 7 min video packed with concrete tips (and great blurbs) anyone can use to promote or sell their product or nonprofit.


  • “Purpose is a Terrible Thing to Waste” With too much focus on costs, overhead, and donors, are Nonprofits winning the battle but losing the war? Link: (via @eJPhil)
  • “How Haiti Changed Fundraising” Overview of Haiti representing a change in donor expectations and needs.  Interesting, though unsure I agree with it all. Link: (via @pndblog @NancySchwartz)
  • “How Jargon Can Damage Nonprofit Work” Nonprofits need to take these 3 bloated, jargon-esc words out of their literature. Link: (via @Philanthropy)
  • “Could Microfinance Work in America?” With the rising number of people suffering from the global recession, this question is more than just academic.  Intersting food for thought. Link: (via @dambisamoyo)
  • “Number Of Volunteers Soars, Hours Remain Flat” Number of Volunteers Swells in 2009. This & other volunteer facts. Link: (via @LJacobwith @sandrasims @volunteerspot)
  • “Women and Philanthropy” A new book “Women and Philanthropy: Boldly Shaping a Better World” aims to help organizations understand & engage female donors. Link: (via @eJPhil)

Social Media & Internet

"Not for Sale" by suttonhoo“A Four-Step Guide to Generating Sales Leads from Your Blog”
Author: Dean Rick
Site: CoppyBlogger
Via: John Haydon (@johnhaydon)
Comments: A piece that brings Return on Investment (ROI) to Blogging.


Jewish & Israel (Nonprofit News)

"Flea market finds 19.6.09" by Jud Loves Pottery“Developing the Israeli Third Sector – NP Tech Launches GuideStar Israel”
Author: Debra Askanase (@askdebra)
Site: Community Organizer 2.0
Comments: Debra interviews Guidestar-Israel CEO Royi Biller about the Guidestar site launch & other tech solutions for nonprofits in organizations.


  • “Unemployment surprises with sharp drop in second quarter” Unemployment in Israel dropped but those still looking for full-time work remains high. Link:
  • “As Recession drags on, middle-class families forced to turn to Jewish food banks” on JTA (@jta). Link: (via @gilstudent)
  • “Rashi Foundation takes aim at high school education” Invested in Israel Education: The Rashi Foundation will open new high schools with more hours & smaller class size. Link:
  • “Embrace the System, It’s Here to Stay” (Hebrew). Nice writeup about Guidestar Israel, complete with interviews & overview of site features. Link:

Economy & Finance

"Zimbabwe Cash" by Jared_Oakes“The Economic Stimulus That Will Cost us Dearly”
Author: Doron Tsur
Comments: I knew it! Bankers aren’t destroying Obama’s stimulus packages – no one wants to borrow.  The article explains why.

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