Weekly Must-Reads: February 21

A list of the essential articles I posted to Twitter from February 14 – February 20, 2010.  This week’s topics include: Nonprofit Strategy & Governance; Internet, Social Media & Fundraising; Jewish Nonprofits; Israel Economics; and Potpourri.

Tizku Lemitzvot [May you merit to continue doing good deeds],



Nonprofit Strategy & Governance

NPOs don’t operate in a vacuum. Orgs need to understand their context & plan accordingly, by @npmaven http://ow.ly/18rNJ via @AlisonRapping

RT @AlisonRapping: RT @BTalisman: Blog Post, “Snow Daze!? Nonprofit Disaster & Recovery Planning” http://ow.ly/16Aef4

ABC’s for Exempt Organizations: Links & summaries of info available on IRS website, by@charitylawyer http://ow.ly/17Nt6

->@3rdSect: 18 Traits of Successful Nonprofit & NGO Leaders (w/ lots of corresponding links) by@deatweets http://ow.ly/18BAo via@beyondbiz

->@AlisonRapping: Successful relationships btwn orgs depend on strong relationships within orgs http://ow.ly/19tFU via @socialchngediva

RT @religion_state: RT @askdebra Nonprofit Collaboration: Doesn’t It Make the Pie Bigger?http://bit.ly/dfFScq


Internet, Social Media & Fundraising

Really tackles the essence of social media }} Fire your Director of Social Media! by@PaulDunay http://ow.ly/19tuI via@TEAMDJW @dmscott

On NPTimes: 5 Tips For Moving Donors To The Next Giving Level http://ow.ly/19udB

RT @johnhaydon: 10 Must Read Tips to Start a Small Business Blog http://ow.ly/182hj via @copyblogger // Universal Tips!!

Fundraising Event: Spread the word, publicize in advance & have fun. Tale of 2 Fundraisers by @danhutson http://ow.ly/18rs via @askdebra

5 Step Program to Measure Effectiveness of Your Web Pages, by @avinashkaushik (he wrote a book, so take him seriously) http://ow.ly/18B9X


Jewish Nonprofits

Unable to avoid the internet, Jewish (observant) women turn to rabbis & profesionals for best practices. http://ow.ly/18Bmp via @carmelva


Israel Economics

RT @Israel_News: Conservative nature of #Israel banks helped minimize the economic crisis in Israel. http://ow.ly/18bHT



On @guidestarusa: Americans rely on Nonprofit Reviews to same extent as Consumer-Product Reviews http://ow.ly/1895U // Do you agree?

RT @TEAMDJW: Liodice: 10 Ideas That Changed the Marketing World http://adage.com/u/76Mhpb

-> @NYTimes: Wall St. helped European governments hide their mounting debts. When will we learn? http://ow.ly/17d4b

RT @arielbeery: Great list of books relevant to orgs today: http://ow.ly/17F15 // Definitely worth a peek, both classics & newbies

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