Weekly Must Reads: February 7

A list of the essential articles that I posted to Twitter from January 31, 2010 – February 6, 2010.  This week’s categories: Crisis in Haiti; Nonprofit Governance & Strategy; Internet, Social Media & Fundraising; and Potpourri.

Tizku Lemitzvot [May you continue to merit doing good deeds],



Crisis in Haiti

Haiti is case study for philanthropic investment & evaluation of projects that has previously failed. http://ow.ly/12exK

RT @askdebra: Totally inspiring. RT@mickeygomez: City homeless donate $14.64 for quake victims http://ow.ly/12lkU via@invisiblepeople

Haiti quake is turning point in US philanthropy: Donors expected to “give smart,” not just give. http://tacticalphilanthropy.com/2010/01/the-rise-of-smart-giving via @bethsteinberg

Great case made why donors shouldn’t give to Haiti now, but rather wait. http://ow.ly/12TyN via @eJPhil

NP Times: Donors Can Give to Haiti & Still Get 2009 Deduction thanks to bill recently signed by Obama http://ow.ly/12UKo


Nonprofit Governance & Strategy

Legal Audits are crucial to nonprofits for preventing conflicts & protecting themselves.http://ow.ly/12IyF via @GTak

Is NGO w/ bad record but new CEO worthy of donations? Case Study: American Red Cross http://ow.ly/12JPa via @Charitynav

->@ejPhil: New web portal highlights need for transparency in Foundations & leaders in this field http://ow.ly/12TBY

Good post: Cultivating good org culture by@deatweets (though still unsure what is “silo disease”) http://ow.ly/148K2 via@AlisonRapping


Internet, Social Media & Fundraising

4 Essential Website Tools to Analyze Social Sharing Activities by @askdebrahttp://ow.ly/12lE4 via @shoshanak // A must for measuring ROI

Symbiosis btwn Guidestar, Network 4 Good & Social Networks and how it affects your NGO. http://ow.ly/12IOE via @askdebra

10 Reasons Why a Nonprofit Should Redesign its Website. http://ow.ly/12J4U via @eJPhil

RT @kanter: 3 Reasons the Future of Your Nonprofit Depends on Social Media, by@ShannonAronin http://ow.ly/13O7U

Growing beyond social media to affect real change, by @engagejoe http://ow.ly/14BVy via @askdebra @kanter

RT @GuyKawasaki: 5 mistakes businesses make with Twitter, by @Contrapaul http://ow.ly/14C8z // Applies to NPOs too



Eco-Art is great example of how to raise awareness for a cause by thinking outside the box http://ow.ly/12eAW (& it’s popularity is growing)

Hourly wages, more than any other on-the-job gimmick, lead to employees’ happiness.http://ow.ly/12lGR via @guykawasaki

King Solomon’s Court: Interpreting law to divide Madoff’s assets, one side’s win is another’s loss. http://ow.ly/13hSU

RT @NonProfitBlogs: To Be A Better Leader: Give Up Authority http://ow.ly/13LsD

RT @ducttape: 5 Questions with Seth Godinhttp://su.pr/26el7v – great inspiration in these answers // The post gave me a lot to think about

Are entrepreneurs under 35 venturing more into nonprofits than for-profits? @socialcitizen thinks so http://ow.ly/14CQ6

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