Weekly Must-Reads: January 31

A list of the essential articles that I posted to Twitter from January 24, 2010 – January 30, 2010.  This week’s categories: Online Fundraising; Israel & Jewish Nonprofits; Global Banking & Finance; and Potpourri.

This week contains fewer links than usual — the week was just a tad nuts.  I spoke at a conference, and in Hebrew, no less.  Needless to say, that occupied a lot of my time.  But about that (and the links that go along with it) at a different time.

Tizku LeMitzvot [May you continue to merit doing good deeds],



Online Fundraising

Network For Good Releases Online Fundraising Checklist. Download your free copy. http://ow.ly/129Rz via @eJPhil


Israel & Jewish Nonprofits

As #Israel Gov released amount it contributes to 3rd sector, calls for NPOs to be more transparent http://ow.ly/104Jbvia @eJPhil

OpEd tackles the question: Balancing support of Jewish causes vs causes in wider world? http://ow.ly/129WR via@eJPhil

Don’t depend on Stanley Fischer to safeguard value of the dollar: “Exchange Intervention is temporary” http://ow.ly/12a7A via @Israel_News


Global Banking & Finance
USA: Free Checking could be phased out due to new overdraft-protection regulations.http://ow.ly/10574 via @vosizneias

World Economic Forum at Davos claimed over-regulation & debt are biggest economic-dangers of 2010.http://ow.ly/11ofR

British Central Banker favors splitting big banks, separting high-risk trading & core functions. http://ow.ly/11pdy


Why you need to be likable at work — but not nice. http://ow.ly/104R8 via@guykawasaki

RT @LJacobwith: Great new website highlights Bill Gates’s thoughts on philanthropy http://ow.ly/YY9a via@TammyZonker

->@michaelhyatt: “6 Keys to Achieving Big Goals,” Tips for individuals & orgs, alike.http://ow.ly/12a2K via @shoshanak

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