Weekly Must-Reads: June 14

A list of the great articles from around the web that I read from June 6 – June 13, 2010.  This week’s topics include:  Regulations, Strategy & Governance; Social Media, Internet & Fundraising; Economy & Finance; and Israel & Jewish Nonprofit News.

I am trying out a new format. Please let me know how you like it. As always, enjoy.

Tizku Lemitzvot,



Regulations, Strategy & Governance

“Relationship of a Domestic Charity Organization to Certain Charitable Foreign Activities”
Site: Thompson & Thompson, PC (Law Firm)
Comments: Great resource for US registered nonprofit organizations operating internationally. Very thorough. One of the great questions it deals with: Can USA registered charities fund charities abroad?
Link: http://ow.ly/1VDwC

“Building an Energized Board” (Video)
Site: Youtube, Community Driven Institute Channel, By @HildyGottlieb
Comments: NGO boards don’t attend/engage when their work isn’t engaging!
Credits: @askdebra @seattledrury
Link: http://ow.ly/1UMa0

“Nonprofit By-Laws: What to Include”
Link: http://ow.ly/1VCc6
“Nonprofit By-Laws: What to Leave Out”
Link: http://ow.ly/1VBzX
Site: Charity Lawyer Blog, by @charitylawyer
Comments: Great advice for USA nonprofits.

“Is Your Nonprofit Hiring? – Interview Tips You Can Use”
Site: Talisman Thinking Out Loud, by @BTalisman
Comments: Great objective tips, tools, and questions that can be used.
Link: http://ow.ly/1TL7W

“Three Myths About Generation Y”
Site: Chronicle of Philanthropy (@philanthropy)
Author: @RosettaThurman
Comments: Rosetta debunks 3 myths about Gen Y in the hopes that nonprofits and their boards will engage them more. I hope the organizations out there listen to what she has to say.
Link: http://ow.ly/1WLfh


Social Media, Internet & Fundraising

“A FourSquare Experiment Gone Right”
Site: Community Organizer 2.0 (@askdebra)
Author: Estrella Rosenberg
Comments: FourSquare used successfully for awareness & advocacy. Another great example of how clear goals & objectives are crucial for achieving an objective.
Link: http://ow.ly/1VqQP

“What is your Blogging Narrative Voice”
Site: JohnHaydon.com (@johnhaydon)
Comments: Good discussion about “What’s Your blogging voice: 1st, 2nd or 3rd person?”
Link: http://bit.ly/9Gl23N

“Youth Organizations See Fund-Raising Declines”
Chronicle of Philanthropy (@philanthropy)
Comments: I wonder if this is true across regions and religious groups. Any Jewish youth-nonprofits experiencing similar cuts?
Link: http://ow.ly/1XRKf

“Giving Circles Boost Charitable Spirit”
Credit: @charitynav @cof
Comments: Giving Circles, informal & spontaneous “foundations,” are giving charity a boost. When is are you setting up one?
Link: http://ow.ly/1XRRu

“5 Mistakes in My Search for Funding”
The Uncultured Project, by Shawn Ahmed (@uncultured)
Credit: @askdebra @kanter @afine
Comments: Humbling & Educational
Link: http://ow.ly/1XSXW

“LinkedIn Answers: Increasing Your Returns When Answering Questions”
The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn Weblog, by @eglii
Comments: Great post about the power of answering questions – the real “gold mine” – on LinkedIn


Economy & Finance

“No Housing Bubble, But Still a Lot to Worry About”
Comments: Summary of comments of Supervisor of Banks in Israel, Rony Hizkiyahu
Link: http://ow.ly/1X5SX

“Slowdown Looming but No Economic Relapse Expected”
Don’t fear a double-dip recession.
Link: http://ow.ly/1V1wP

“Bank Say No. Too Bad Taxpayers Can’t”
New York Times
Comments: It looks like banks in USA are going to get the taxpayers to cover their bad-loan debts yet again.
Link: http://ow.ly/1VCJB

“As China’s Wages Rise, Export Prices Could Follow”
Site: New York Times
Comments: Is the world ready for higher prices all-around?
Link: http://ow.ly/1VCX9

“The Blog Prophet of Euro Zone Doom”
New York Times
Comments: Hope to all bloggers! For years no one read his blog, now self-taught economist is courted by Int’l Monetary Fund.
Link: http://ow.ly/1W7X9


Israel & Jewish Nonprofit News

“Israel Knesset Approves Free Dental Care for Children Up to Age of Eight”
Jerusalem Post
Credit: @thebigfelafel @benjilovitt
Link: http://ow.ly/1Vt55

“Orthodox Rabbis in the U.S.A. Urge Their Congregations to give More Charity to ‘Local’ Causes”
The Jewish Standard
Link: http://ow.ly/1WpMM

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